3 Things I Love About Road Tripping in an Electric Vehicle

May 28 is National Road Trip Day and our family loves road trips! Do you prefer a road trip with the kids or simply flying?

Check out the top three things I love about road tripping in an electric car, especially with kids.

1. A Mapped Out Trip

In the Tesla network, it is easy to map out the trip from start to finish. The charging stations are marked with not only the distance, but also the charging time. This makes it easier to plan rest stops, food, and bathroom breaks. Most charging stations are located by attractions.

2. Plenty of Storage

There is no engine in the front. Instead there is extra travel storage making it easy to utilize both the front and back.

3. Eco-friendly and Cost-effective

If you are a planet-loving, tree-hugger like myself, electric is the way to go. Electric cars have zero emissions from gas power. The cost to charge in comparison to gas is substantially less. A typical electric car saves about 25% in fuel costs.

Let me know your thoughts on electric cars and road tripping in general!

With ALL the Love,
Dayna @Oilyhairboss

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