4 Unique Twists on a Typical Egg Hunt


Egg hunt season is upon us. Last year, my son would “hide” and hunt for eggs in our backyard well into summer. He loved it! Sometimes it’s fun to change things up, so if you plan to host your own Easter egg hunt this year or are just looking for a spring themed activity for your kiddos, I’ve got 4 non-traditional egg hunt ideas with a twist! 

Bring it indoors.  We all know the weather in Michigan can be fickle, especially in the Spring, so why not eliminate the weather variable and have it inside? If your kiddos are older, you could give written clues to where the eggs are hidden. Silly riddles make it more of a mental challenge as opposed to the typical free-for-all. It might even encourage some teamwork! Kids can be in charge of finding a certain color, or you could give them clues if they’re getting “warmer” or “colder.” 

Glow baby, glow.  Things that glow-in-the-dark are just plain cool according to pretty much any kid (or adult). Small glow in the dark bracelets from the dollar store can be curled and placed inside the eggs to make them glow. How fun would an after-dark hunt be?! You could also use them inside with the lights turned down. The larger, translucent eggs work best for this DIY activity.

Get silly. There’s a reason so many people enjoy those zany, ridiculous game shows – it’s fun to be silly! Kids could wear blindfolds and crawl around the grass for eggs. The adults can even take a turn and entertain the kiddos. Everyone could split into teams and hold a egg hunt “relay race” and race each other. Tap into your competitive spirit and add any kind of point system or timer, and there’s a whole afternoon of fun. Last year, the dads helped kiddos collect their eggs “Hungry, Hungry, Hippo” style.

Skip the candy. For some kiddos, the contents of the eggs are irrelevant, but some alternative but still fun egg-fillers could include:

-slips of paper with reasonable rewards like “stay up 15 minutes late” or “pick dinner”   

-tokens to be redeemed for larger prizes

-puzzle pieces, (the kids will know when they’ve found all the eggs!)



Does your family host an Egg Hunt? Do you prefer traditional games or do you like to change things up?


  1. Great ideas. I love the glow in the dark idea. This would be good for tweens. This could also turn into a drinking game for the grown ups once the kids are all in bed.


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