5 True Crime Podcasts to Listen to Now


Let’s face it, the world is kind of a hot mess right now. But even before all of this, the 2020 election, and Bachelor mom #BarbWeber were a part of our daily dialogue, I was using true crime podcasts as self care. So now, I’m sharing my expertise. Because if you’re like me, you probably need a way to “escape” when you, quite literally, can’t. Shout out to social distancing!

So, here goes. Thank me later (or just DM me to chat about podcasts because it’s basically my favorite hobby). 


Image courtesy of SerialPodcast.org

The true crime podcast that started it all! If you have not listened to this one yet, I suggest you begin here. Serial is an incredibly compelling true crime case centered around the shocking murder of high school senior Hae Min Lee. Narrated documentary-style by Sarah Koenig of NPR, the series weaves in interviews with the convicted killer– her boyfriend Adnan Syed (from his prison cell, no less) and other key players. As Koenig takes us on this journey to answer the burning question of “Did he do it?”, more details unfold that will change your mind, probably more than once. There’s also an HBO special on Adnan’s case, in addition to myriads of online rabbit holes to dig down, so once you’re done listening, the fun continues! 


It’s by the makers of Serial but don’t get confused, this is an entirely different case. Or rather, tale. S-Town is a story of death (/murder??) in a small Alabama town, filled with unique personalities and confusing twists, mental health issues, poverty, racism, social injustice, greed…and so much more. The central character, John B., is a puzzling amalgam of a man, and following this story– and his part in it– is beyond captivating. 

Dirty John

Image courtesy of wondry.com

Has your friend or loved one ever dated someone that you thought was hiding something? The tale of Dirty John takes this notion to the extreme! I first encountered this shocking case of true sociopathy, evil, and death when it was featured on Dateline a few years ago. Since then, the story of “Dirty” John Meehan has blown up to include a Bravo miniseries starring Eric Bana, and, of course, this podcast. I’m here for all the drama with this one, and I think you will be too. 

True Crime Garage 

Image courtesy of truecrimegarage.com

Unlike the other examples, this ‘cast isn’t a series, but instead sets of (mostly) two-part episodes about specific cases. Narrated by two “regular dudes,” the hosts of TCG are quite literally recording in a garage and drinking beer while doing it. I am not usually into the shorter, episodic crime pods, but these guys are super interesting to listen to, and funny to boot. I recommend starting out with their Jean Benet Ramsey extended series. If you thought you knew everything about this omnipresent case, trust me, you’re wrong. They’ll hook you in fast, and you’ll be tuning in weekly to find out which crime case they’ve decided to break down next.

Down the Hill Podcast 

Just launched last month, this chronicle of the horrifying Delphi Murders in 2017 has quickly jumped to Apple Podcasts Top 10 List, and for good reason. You probably remember hearing about this case: two young girls, Abby and Libby, were murdered by a man whom one of the girls managed to get a Snapchat recording of shortly before their deaths. Still, the crime remains unsolved. If a deep dive into the intricacies of a nightmare-inducing case is your cup of tea, then drink up with this one! 

Podcasts are available across a variety of platforms. If you have an iPhone, the free Apple Podcasts app is probably your best bet. Now, get to listening!

Drop in the comments below about any true crime podcasts I may have missed AND why you love them!


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