A Social Media Mom Saved My Sanity



I am obsessed with Social Media Moms. The mommy-blogging industry has exploded in the past decade, drawing the attention of women all across the nation. And it’s not just Mommy Bloggers gaining this attention but any Social Media Mom sharing her stories on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter too.

Why do we love these Social Media Moms so much?  Is it because we’re getting a sneak peek into a life we wish we were leading as a parent?  Do we love the raw honesty about the hardships of these moms?  Do we just love the act of comparing our own lives with that of another?  

Whether you are looking for parenting tips, wholehearted honesty, a hilarious anecdote, or a role model, it is pretty easy to find a Social Media Mom or Mommy Blogger who fits the bill. These women are creating a whole new support group for moms today. Motherhood can feel isolating. When there doesn’t seem to be support in close-proximity, there is always someone to turn to online.

A perfect example: When my son was 6 weeks old we were in the thick of some pretty awful evening screaming fits. I hate labeling him as a colicky baby but there were a few ROUGH weeks when he was overstimulated from the day and would scream non-stop for hours before finally falling asleep.  My husband and I were exhausted and emotionally maxed-out. As I took a “mental break” (note: hiding in the bathroom with the faucets running full blast) to mindlessly thumb through my Instagram, I came across a post from another new mom. She and her husband were struggling with the same thing. As I read through her blog I couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief. I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. It gave me the renewed energy to keep my head in the game. This mom provided me with some great insight at the exact moment I needed it, yet we’ve never met and probably never will. At the time, she became a part of my mommy-tribe.

In the age where “Mommy Wars” seem to be raging, it’s brave of any mother to be posting or blogging about her parenting choices. Moms today are faced with so much judgment for the decisions they make on a daily basis. I cringe when I see these moms posting “disclaimers” on their Instagram pictures in an attempt to head off any negativity from other mothers. A decision about whether or not to breastfeed, use disposable diapers, or allow kids to use iPads should not dictate the quality or competency of a mother. Yet many of these internet moms face constant criticism in their comment feed. The way I see it, these honest moms are affirming that there are so many ways to parent our children.

Social Media Moms and Mommy Bloggers represent a wide range of parenting personalities:

  • Working moms document how they are balancing a full-time career and motherhood.
  • Pinterest moms are perfecting the art of cooking, crafting, and sewing with their kids.
  • Athletic moms are getting in cross fit workouts in the a.m. and then jogging to the library for story hour with their little one. 

Some moms share intimate details and deep reflections of their struggles, doubts, and frustrations  And then there are moms like me, allowing everyone a front row view to the hot mess that comes along with raising kiddos.  This world is full of multi-talented mommas sharing authentic stories of motherhood! Social Media Moms, you rock!

Mommy bloggers have become a valuable parenting resource. A resource that I am thankful was available when I needed some immediate encouragement and advice. Social Media Moms have reached out to moms everywhere, helping them feel supported in their parenting endeavors.




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