Amazon Shopping Guide: Themed Easter Basket Ideas from A to Z


If you’re still in need of items to fill the Easter basket this year, think about what your child loves…maybe it’s bugs or llamas or cooking or science. We are here to help with our Amazon shopping guide — just add to cart and buy now for a fast and fun shopping spree. This is specially curated to reach all age levels and a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Chances are, if it’s kid-approved, it made our list. You’re sure to find a themed basket idea to make this Easter super simple!

easter basketThemed Easter Basket Ideas from A to Z

A: Art

For your budding, older artist, put together some of their most-wanted items!

B: Bugs

If your child loves learning about bugs, spring is the perfect time to put a bug-themed Easter basket together!

C: Cooking

For your cutest chef, get them into the kitchen with these kid-friendly tools.

D: Dinosaurs

If you have a dinosaur lover, we’ve got the perfect Easter basket idea for you!

E: Educational Fun

For your growing little one, sneak in some education while having fun at the same time.

F: Fossils

Michigan is the perfect state to find amazing fossils, so if your child is a rock lover, here’s the ultimate Easter basket for them.

G: Garden

Spring is in the air and it’s time to garden. The best part about this one is, if you don’t already have an Easter basket, you can use a new pot or planter to stuff the goodies into.

H: Harry Potter

Cast a spell on your Harry Potter lover with this great collection of items.

I: Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Fill the Easter basket with ice cream-themed fun this year!

J: Jumping

Have a little one who needs to burn some energy? Try these fun, jumping-themed items in their Easter basket!

K: Kaleidoscopes

A set of fun, themed gifts for that elementary student who loves kaleidoscopes and all things colorful.

L: Llamas

This Easter basket idea is llamazing for little ones!

M: Minions

For toddlers and preschoolers who are into Minions, here are some great basket ideas.

N: Nerf

Nerf fun is perfect for the elementary or tween-aged kids.

O: Outdoor Play

Kids of all ages will love these outdoor play Easter basket stuffers.

P: Practical Jokes

Get ready for groans and laughs with the elementary or tween practical joker in your life.

Q: Queen for a Day

Your young diva will love pretending like they’re the queen of the house!

R: Road Trip

Elementary and older kids who easily get bored in the car will love these fun Easter basket items.

S: Science

Older elementary and tween kids who are into science can have all sorts of fun with these sets!

T: Treasure Seekers

Your growing adventurer will be ready to lead you to all the treasures with these basket fillers.

U: Under the Sea

For the wee little ones, introduce the fun of aquatic life in their Easter basket this year.

V: Vehicles

Kids who love vehicles but have outgrown the younger toys will love learning more with these vehicle-themed items.

W: Water Play

There’s no age limit on having fun in the water!

X: X-Ray

For little ones who are into radiology, you can put together the ultimate x-ray basket!

Y: Yo-Yo

This one is for the older kids who want to master a new skill.

Z: Zoo

Young animal enthusiasts will love playing zoo with these Easter basket ideas.

Looking for more Easter basket stuffers? How about some of these great books?

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