Amen for Grandmas!

You know, what? 

Amen for grandmas.

Round of applause, pat on the back, they deserve a shopping spree.

I am TOTALLY “that” first-time mommy.  What I mean by that: I only feed my little Lucy organic baby food.  (I know all of you moms who have 2 and 3 and 4 kids are chuckling right now; I get it.  Ha.)

My mom watches Lucy for me every Wednesday while my husband and I work, and frequently takes her overnight on a Saturday so that we can go out and be normal human beings and enjoy a date night.

Last weekend, she texted me a photo of my sweet little organic-fed girl eating OREOS.  Spring Oreos (you know, the ones with the yellow filling).  And my mom was so proud that she had also introduced her to Kraft Mac & Cheese for dinner.  And THEN, she scolded me the next day because she couldn’t find any cans of SpaghettiOs in my pantry.

I think steam came out of my ears. 

AHHHHHH!  Does she not understand that it’s 2015 and my daughter can only ingest ORGANIC? 

Ok.  Cue the laughter. 

THANK GOD my mom brought me back to reality. 

It is the job of grandmas to spoil their grandkids.  And I now believe it’s our job as moms to just chill for a minute and let that happen.  An Oreo or two is not going to kill my daughter.  In fact, I think it made Lucy’s day.  She made a mess, and loved all the sugar.  My next baby will probably be eating Chicken McNuggets off the floor of McDonalds for goodness sake.  I’m just so super-protective of my baby, but this was a great little lesson … and I got to laugh at myself in the process. 


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Hi, hi! I'm Shannon Murphy, and I'm a NEW MOMMY! If you listen to the "Mojo in the Morning" show on Channel 955 (, you know all about my little lady, Lucy. She was born on April 8th, 2014 and I just love her to pieces. (P.S. Yes, I'm crazy and I wake up at 3:30am to get to work!) You might also know my husband, or at least the business he owns with his brother; His name is Andrew, and he's the co-owner of Goldfish Swim School ( They have several locations in the Detroit area (and lots of 'em out of state, too!). Their specialty is teaching little fishies ages 4 months to 12 years of age how to swim! I love cooking, taking walks, playing with my Toy Parti Poodle Charlie, shopping, traveling, doing yoga, running, and watching Bravo. And E! Ok, ok. And "Wheel of Fortune." Every night. Yes, I'm 31 going on 80.


  1. Good for you Shannon! As a mother of 2 boys, now 13 and 18. it took me FOREVER to acknowledge that statement! My kids may have missed out on. some GOOD fun because I was so worried about being perfect!


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