Attitude of Gratitude in 2020


Did you know that there are about 30 beautiful days of untapped potential left until the new year?

30 days to thoughtfully consider your intentions for 2020. 

30 days to develop and hone an attitude of gratitude!

Most people roll into the new year with a pile of resolutions, many that never come to fruition. This often leads to feelings of guilt or inadequacy. Instead, charge into 2020 with an attitude of gratitude, giving yourself the gift of positivity this holiday season.

Lay the Foundation

Enjoy the holidays, minimize the stress, and reap the benefits of 30 days worth of WINs.  Why not hit 2020 feeling on top of the world, resolution or not? If you are the resolution type, you will have laid a foundation for success. If you are anti-resolution, you are kicking off 2020 with a fresh perspective.

Be Realistic

Before you start making a list of all the things you are wanting to change or accomplish, think about your routines and your lifestyle. For example, if you are struggling to sleep at night, try setting an attainable goal such as a flexible bedtime time and aim to be in bed within 30 minutes of that bedtime over the next 30 days…allow for success! Try something that you could potentially accomplish, such as keeping yourself hydrated, showing gratitude, or allowing the laundry to wait until tomorrow. If you are hosting a Chiristmas cookie exchange, intentionally and intuitively enjoy sugar and sweets rather than stick to a rigid diet. The idea is to be mindful and intentional with your WINs. Add things that are attainable and satisfying to you. Even shooting for 25 squats at some point in the day, a yoga video on demand, or making healthier food choices are all steps in the right direction as long as they make you feel good! Taking things in stride over the next 30 day; rather than letting something unimportant eat at you, let it go. Small steps to a big WIN. 


What’s a WIN? The dictionary defines a win as a success or victory. In other words, a WIN for you is your personal success or victory! It’s a feeling of gratitude, appreciation, and love for yourself. The Wins are designed to build you up. Choose one for each category and go for it for the love of you!  

The WIN can be broken down into three categories: W: Well-being, I: Intention, and N: Non-attachment. These are all small components but when practiced regularly will equate to your personal WIN.


Well-being, according to the dictionary, is a state of being comfortable, happy, or healthy. Do what is small and simple to aid to your well-beingMaybe that means adding a 15 minute walk to your day, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or engaging in meaningful conversation with your spouse for a few minutes a day. Feeling gratitude for yourself reflects appreciation for all the hard work you do. Take a moment to fluff the pillows before bedtime and enjoy the warmth of your bed before drifting off to sleep. Go outside and quietly notice the trees or sky. Maybe it’s feeling more comfortable in your own skin. Acts of service often fall into the well-being category. If preparing a healthy meal for you and your family makes you feel happy and healthy, roll with it. Well-being is personal and varies greatly from person to person.


Like mindfulness, intentions can shape your day. Start with two minutes and build up to five if it serves you. Upon rising, or in the shower, or while parking your car, consider your intentions for the day, almost like a mini-meditation. Small and simple. For example, “Today I will be joyful.” Naturally, not every minute of every day will be filled with joy. However, taking the extra measure to consider the intention will naturally lead to mindfulness. You are not failing if you don’t have a smile on your face the entire day; you are human after all! Notice how setting an intention makes you feel; embrace the changes of your feelings.


Any yogis out there have likely heard the term non-attachment. It’s a pretty deep concept. This is only scratching the surface, but in a nut shell, it can be explained by not allowing people, places, or things have a hold over you as this potentially leads to poor choices or going against your intentions. For example, judgements can often cloud the mind. Don’t be afraid to let some things go rather than spiral over minor infractions. Maybe even dare to accept it and move on. Try to be patient with yourself as it’s not always easy to let go or accept. 

Remember, the idea is not to be perfect and not to check every item off the list every single day but instead to maintain your WIN about 80% of the time. That 80% is pretty likely to grow over the next 30 days.

Cultivate your new attitude of gratitude. Watch yourself flourish and kick off the new year as an even better version of your already awesome self!


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