Allyson lives in Livonia. She is a single mom, to a very energetic and sweet nine-year-old boy. He loves all things Tigers, YouTube, and being outside! Allyson is currently an elementary teacher in Detroit. When not at her sons driving her son around or working, she love to read, workout, and catching up on the DVR.

Frugal Friday {Apps to Save Your Hard Earned Money}

I don't know about you but the holiday bill hangover seems to last a while. Ouch. Maybe you are like me and just hanging on until the next payday. Double ouch. The money struggle...

It’s a Morning Miracle!

I am not sure about you but the end of the year is always so crazy! Between the constant celebrations and regular life it never seems to end. I can’t be entering a new...

Guide to Christmas Tree Farms

Taking a trip to cut pick out and (have Dad) cut down the perfect tree plays a fond role in many of our Christmas memories. Why not share that experience with your kids and...

Running on Empty

When you're on an airplane, they go through all the safety information before taking off. The first rule is something along the lines of "if the airplane is crashing, put your oxygen mask on...

Letting Go: When Your Kid Needs You Less

When your kids are babies and toddlers, they NEED you. They need you for everything. Feed them, bathe them, wipe their bottoms. Play-dates and social times require hand-holding. Sometimes it feels like your child...

DMB’s Guide to Apple Orchards

One of the great things about living in Michigan is experiencing all of the seasons.  While we love them all, fall is, in our opinion, by far one of the best.   Football starts, the...

Why, Yes, I Did Medicate My Child

It was the first or second week of four-year-old preschool. Mason had just turned four the week before school started. The teacher pulled me into a room to talk to me privately. To summarize,...

Fan Section: Population One

That chair. Fan section: population one. My son’s fan section at any given sporting event or activity,  ninety-nine percent of the time consistents of one person. Me. Sure, sometimes, the other kids at baseball and soccer...

Introducing Allyson Dunn: A Livonia Mom

Introducing Allyson! :: Down with Detroit :: I grew up in Livonia…and currently live there! Most my family lives in the area still. Except for my siblings, who are in NYC and Australia.  When growing up,...