Chel, a married mother of two, moved to Southfield from Southwest Florida in 2016 and has thoroughly enjoyed immersing herself in all things Detroit. She loves pizza, wine and all forms of art (the more eccentric, the better). She has a special place in her heart for Santa Fe, New Mexico; a passion for social justice and civic engagement; and often laughs at her own jokes. As a practicing optimist, Chel searches for the silver lining in whatever life throws her way. She hopes to inspire and support other women on their journeys through various life transitions. Read about her experiences and find coaching support over at her site, Follow her on Instagram and Twitter (@chelbellguild).

Detroit-Based Charities to Love in 2018

  “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’” –Fred Rogers This...

All Your Husband Wants for Christmas is Sex

I could actually stop right here, but for the sake of the skeptics, I’ll continue. Stop agonizing over what completely unnecessary thing you’ll spend too much money on for your husband this year. He literally...

What You Need to Know Before Adopting Your Stepchild

  November is National Adoption Awareness Month. You probably know a stepparent. You likely have one, and may even be one yourself. You also probably know parents who have adopted their children, but how many stepparents...

Step and Single Parents: Heroes or Villains?

As parents, it often seems like we can’t get things right, but the judgments and expectations are far worse for single and stepparents. Have you ever noticed that single dads and stepdads are often...

Why I’m Over Playdates in Public

I’m all for heading over to a friend’s house, where our kids can fight over toys and we can sip our wine in a controlled setting, but group play dates in public places are...
Teenage Daughter

What My Graduating Senior Has Taught Me About Parental Control

If you’re the parent of a graduating senior, this is probably a bittersweet time for you, and you may be wondering how this person you’ve raised, who is now officially an adult, is going...

In Defense of Sharing: It Still Matters

There have been several articles and viral social media posts making the rounds lately promoting the idea that kids shouldn’t be forced to share. While I am all for teaching our children autonomy and...

How I Became a TV Junkie

We didn’t have cable TV while I was growing up. That was a luxury to be enjoyed at our grandparents’ house (and I definitely didn’t feel deprived by this). In my young adulthood, I...

Introducing Chel Bell Guild: A Southfield Mama

Introducing Chel Bell Guild! :: Down with Detroit :: As a relative newbie to Metro Detroit, I’m excited to be a part of this community! My husband and I moved to Southfield from Cape Coral, Florida,...