Hi I'm Danielle Andresen and I enjoy expressing myself through writing. I am passionate about learning and love exploring the world through travel. I work for Troy School District as an English Language Development Specialist and my favorite part about my job is having the opportunity to connect with many different cultures. I learn so much from my students and their families. Traveling and exploring new places always ignites my desire to write. I don't leave the house without a notebook for journaling and a few fancy pens for expressing my creativity. I look forward to sharing a little piece of me with you through writing.

Happy Hour has a Whole New Meaning

It was a Friday afternoon at 3:00 and I realized we still haven't made it outside to play and we've been trying since this morning.  I was feeling defeated.  Where did the day go!...

The Power Behind Hypnobirthing

It all dawned on me one afternoon while my husband and I were driving home from brunch.  This baby has to come out!  The fear sunk in and I began visualizing child birth as...

Introducing the DMB’s of Danielle Andresen

(Down with Detroit) Hello I’m Danielle Andresen and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to write for Detroit Moms Blog!  I will start by telling you a little about who I am.  I grew up in...

The “Happy” in Happy Holidays

The holidays are such a wonderful time of year. It's a time spent with family and friends and many whom we only see once a year. It's a time to enjoy our favorite foods...