Erica B

Hi! I'm Erica, mom to two awesome kids, wife, certified Natural Health Educator, and small business owner. I'm a perpetual student, and currently halfway through a 4 year program to become a certified traditional naturopath. I recently opened Nature's Wisdom in Saint Clair Shores, which houses a natural remedy shop and my natural health services. Outside of work and family life, I'm an avid yogi, amateur photographer, bookworm, and I love making time for my best girl friends. I was raised in the Detroit 'burbs, and now enjoy sharing my love of the city with my kids and husband (a Flint native) - You can find us exploring the flavors of Eastern Market and fishing on Belle Isle most Saturdays!

Holiday Traditions in Transition

As we head into the holiday season, I've been reminiscing about what the holidays meant for me as a kid, now that I have my own family.  My parents divorced when I was young, but...

What’s In A Label? {Part 2}

When shopping for food, makeup, & personal care products, most folks take at least a cursory glance at the label.  Labels are supposed to provide information - identifying the product, the ingredients, the manufacturer,...

Being more than just Mommy.

As a young child, teen, and young adult, I always knew that at some point, I'd be a mother.  My husband and I met in college, so we had several years of NOT considering...

What’s in a label?

Have you ever wondered what all of those little stickers on your apples, tomatoes, and other produce were for?  Or the barcode on the everything else at the grocery store?  Surprisingly, they actually contain...

Outdoor Family Fun – Herb Walk!

My kids and I are always on the go, searching for fun! Lately we have been enjoying scoping out the local plant life. Kids are naturally curious… about EVERYTHING! Learning to identify plants and...

Talking to Kids About Death & Dying

  It’s inevitable that at some point as a parent, you will be forced to explain and discuss death with your child. The topic is a tough one for most people to discuss with other...

Making Mom Friends is Kind of Like Dating

   It may just be me, but making friends as an adult – especially as a parent - is so much harder than it was when I was younger. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not...

The DMB’s of Erica Bretz

{Down with Detroit} I grew up in the Detroit ‘burbs, but both of my parents were born and raised in the city proper and we spent plenty of time in the D. Spring thru fall,...