Jennifer was born and raised in Detroit. Upon marrying her husband Adam, they moved to Westland then Redford, but recently she became a Livonia Mom. Now married almost 18 years, they have three growing boys (Jackson, Alex & James) that keep them very busy! Jennifer received her Bachelors Degree in Communications from University of Michigan, then began working in Marketing. When her oldest was born nearly thirteen years ago, she happily parted ways with her career to become a SAHM. Jennifer has a passion for running, reading & writing, but her family, friends & faith are where her heart lies.

We Can Do Hard Things

If I sit really quiet and still, I can almost remember how it felt to rock my three sweet baby boys. I can recall what it was like to feed them their bottles, burp...

The Self-Care We All Need In Our Lives

Self-care is all the buzz right now for mamas everywhere. It’s important for moms to take care of themselves, to be their best. I get that. This was not a hot topic when my boys...

Forty And Fabulous; It’s Complicated

There are so many perspectives and issues out there in the world regarding motherhood. There’s sleeping, car seats, food, screen-time, mental health, immunizations, education, bullying, and a million more . . . way beyond...

Can We Please Stop Criticizing Today’s Kids For Everything??

Finally. The warm weather is here and we can head outside. It’s what we’ve been waiting for all winter long. There’s no time like the present to visit the beach, the pool, or the...

A Tribute To My Husband For National Nurse’s Day

My husband. He’s pretty great. We’ll be married 19 years this month, and I’ve come to the conclusion we do life together well. I’d be lost without him, and I don’t think it makes...

The Fear Of A Mother’s Heart

I wish there was a way to break down how much time a mother spends worrying about EVERYTHING. Everywhere we turn and everything we do leaves us with an unsettled feeling about something, making...

Our Scars Create Our Stories

It’s a typical winter morning with a sky dark as night and a middle-schooler taking too long. As I stand waiting for my coffee to brew, I realize my test results have been posted....

Let’s Vow To Raise Our Sons Right – #TIMESUP

“You don’t hit girls.” Words that have been spoken since the beginning of time. We say it on playdates, at grandma's house, and on the playground. We instill it in our toddlers and we as...

Top 5 Ways to Stay Positive in 2018

That’s a wrap for 2017! Now we get a break, right?! Good one! A mama’s life is crazy. That’s a fact. Responsibility, multi-tasking, stress, and anxiety are some elements that easily encompass the daily life...

Finding Gratitude When You Can’t Find the Magic

We’re drowning in it now. The colors have turned red and green, the lists are made, and we’ve spent a month learning all everyone has to be thankful for. Holiday cheer is everywhere. After...