Michelle MD

Working from home in Macomb Twp. I'm Mother to one sweet 10 year old boy on the Autism Spectrum and can be found in my kitchen baking and decorating cakes and cookies to keep up with my baking business. I'm also a former early education teacher, DIY fanatic, and craftaholic. If I can make it myself you can bet I surely will. In my very spare time, because I'm a firm believer that there are 24 usable hours in every day, I'm fighting to become a healthier mom.

How to Host a Successful Garage Sale!

  Summertime is garage sale time! I like to stop at garage sales while I'm out and about. I enjoy having them as well. Over the years I've learned a few things about how to...

7 Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Great teachers educate, innovate, support, and encourage their students to explore their own minds.  They touch the lives of millions of children every day and the impact they have extends far beyond the boundaries of...

A Sugar-Free Easter {Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas}

 Holidays come and go and when they go they can leave our kids in a sugar frenzy. Christmas cookies, Halloween candy, Valentine chocolates . . . but we can save our sanity at Easter by...

To Elf or Not to Elf

Christmastime is upon us and all the magic that comes with it. Our little ones are only little for a short time so I like to cram all the magic I can into those...

Fun Fall Crafts For Kids

I love Fall. I love pumpkins, and leaves, and acorns, and sweaters, and bonfires, and CRAFTS!!! Crafting with kids, specifically. Fall craft possibilities are endless and in this post I'd like to share some...

How I Found My Mom Tribe

When I first sat down to write this post I was concentrating on what I didn't have: a Mommy Group, or a Mom Tribe. While it's true I don't belong to any one single...

Parenting on the Spectrum

Parenting on the Spectrum Everyone said he just needed more social interaction. I had him in weekly playgroups, I scheduled play dates, I babysat for neighbor kids. How much more social interaction can you get?...

Confession: I’m a Proud Pinterest Mom

I've been called a Pinterest Mom for years. It used to really bug me mostly because the connotation was negative, as though I was trying to one-up the other moms or show off in...

Meet Michelle, a Macomb Twp. Mom!

I’m a new Detroit Moms Blog contributor, and I’m excited to be a part of this network of women and to share a little of my mom life with you. I have been married for...