Sherene is a soft-spoken person with oodles of patience raising two adventurous little girls, ages 6 and 2. Her days consist of endless duties while wiping doodies and blogs about all things motherhood on her personal blog, Mama's Doody. She finds creating memes to be somewhat therapeutic and shares all her creations and more on Facebook, Instagram, and sometimes Twitter (@mamasdoody).

Whose Plate Is Fuller? The Parenting Balance

Married with kids brings with it a whole lot of stress! Like a TON of stress, and even moreso when you’re sleep deprived. Going without sleep for years makes one a little mad. Mad...

What Life Will Be Like After My Kids Are Grown Up

It’s often hard for me to remember what life was like before kids. Even though I’ve only been a parent for six years, it feels much more than that. Becoming a mother is something...

When a Child Plays Favorites

Being someone’s mother is the greatest blessing there is. I’ve been a mother for almost six years now and can definitely say it’s a work in progress. And no two children are alike. What...

Stop Telling Me to Find a Sitter on Care.Com

I grew up in the 80's, raised mainly by my mother. My mother never had much of a social life, in fact, I don’t remember her ever going out. Surely, she did from time...

Working Mom Probs

Tuesday night and my husband does the cooking since he beats me home. It’s a race against the clock to get everyone fed, always. The kids are hungry and whiny. I just walked in...

The Battle of the Sisters

My OBGYN is the only one who warned me. I’m guessing it’s because she had a sibling, a sister no less, whom she probably quarreled with often as a kid. “Sisters compete you know,”...

My Toddler: A Stage Five Clinger

It’s 6:00ish a.m. when I hear the call. “Ma-maaa! Ma-ma. My mama. Maaa-maaa!” If it’s a workday, chances are I am already ready. My alarm wakes me at 5:30 a.m., giving me just enough time to...

Parenting a Child with a Stronger Personality than Your Own

My daughter graduated pre-k in May. She is five-years-old and is best described as a firecracker. It seems every day is the Fourth of July with her. You can guarantee there will be sparks...

Just Like Us, Kids Need Time to Decompress After a Long Day

As a mom to two girls, who are pretty much opposite in terms of personality, I find it interesting that both have similarities when it comes to certain things. My oldest daughter is spirited; always...

Sleep Training: Misunderstandings vs Things that Actually Help

“Sleep when the baby sleeps.” That sounds easy enough, right? When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I remember being told this more often than not. I also remember hearing, “sleep now, you...