Sofia Konstance Nyland

Sofia is a New Yorker living in Troy, dancing in the living room, and waiting for the next appropriate opportunity to eat cake. She's a proud wife, and mom to a giggly, little boy and two loving feline furbabies. Rather than being the life of the party, Sofia likes to believe life IS the party! She owns and operates Curated Events Detroit, a corporate event planner specializing in growing small businesses in the Metro-Detroit area! When not chasing after her super determined child, Sofia enjoys drinking wine with friends, laughing, and watching movies with her husband. She loves experiencing new things and traveling, and is looking forward to introducing her son to all her favorites places. Her passion in life is animal rights, in her free time she supports rescue organizations, local and worldwide, and continues to work on her vegan cuisine skills!

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Introducing Sofia Nyland…a Troy Mom

Hi. I’m Sofia, and the first thing you’ll probably notice about me are the photos of my cats I’m about to show you! I’m a proud momma to my two furbabies, Bea (9) and...