Back to School, Back to You


Fall Back to YouIt’s that amazing time of year when the kids go back to school. This always feels like more of a “new year” than the first of the actual year. I make new schedules, resolutions, and have high expectations for life with the new routine. Even if (all) your kids aren’t old enough to go back to school, it still feels new in the fall.

This fall, I challenge you to focus on yourself. What makes you happiest? What are those must-haves to being sane and focused? For me, it’s making the time for regular workouts, and I know lots of other moms who say the same thing. From running and running groups, to yoga classes, Zumba, cycling, even walking the dog, many of us find peace and sanity in those precious minutes we spend on ourselves.

Of course it makes sense! There are numerous studies showing the positive benefits to regular exercise that go beyond your jeans fitting. And group exercise offers even more: friends, accountability, and social interaction. And for many moms, that time at class is your social time for the day. Not to mention the feeling of success when you follow through on something you commit to doing for yourself.

It is all too easy to let those things you love fall to the bottom of your priority list—there are always other things to fill those slots. But only if you let them. Set your exercise as “appointments” in your calendar, and be careful about letting other items push those appointments around. You can make those appointments for other things too: reading for pleasure, lunch with a good friend, even a nap!

Commit to making yourself a priority, because when you are well taken care of, you can take care of everyone around you. 


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