How Being a Working Mom Makes Me a Better Mom


    Being a working mom is hard. It makes the time away from your kids hard and yet sometimes it’s much needed. Being away from my kiddos makes me sad and brings tears to my eyes. But after being a working mom for four years, I’m here to tell you that being a working mom makes me a better mom! 

    Getting out of the house

    Getting myself and two kids ready in the morning is a lot of work. A. Lot. Of. Work. I feed the baby, get coffee, take a take shower, get the baby’s bottles, daughter’s breakfast, lunch, snacks, my food, and pumping supplies all packed. Feed the dog, get hair done, makeup done, wake up daughter, battle with her, get her dressed, teeth brushed, hair brushed, get baby up, change diaper, put on clothes, and feed him again. I take my work bag, all three lunch boxes, two daycare bags, pumping bag, and purse out to the car all before loading both kids into their car seats. I then drive to daycare, drop off each kid, put their food away, put bedding away, do daily check-ins, say goodbye, and then drive to work. By 7:30 a.m., I’m pooped and ready for food and a nap, yet my work day has not even begun.

    Being a daycare mom

    Two kids in full-time daycare is a lot. It’s a lot of work, a lot of money, and a lot of time away from my babies. I don’t necessarily want to be a daycare mom. But I need my time away to be the mom I want to be when I am home. I need conversations with adults. I need to use my brain for more than changing diapers and what to make for lunch. Having professional meetings, deadlines, and lunch with my work friends gives me the break from being “Mom” that I need. Having a “break” allows me to enjoy them more when I am home. I miss them dearly, and it’s hard leaving them, especially my with baby being so young; however, for my mental health, my balance of being a MOM, and having the opportunity to be ME, it rests in the fact that I have a job outside my home. A job where I can go and not worry about poopy diapers and nap time.

    After-work chaos

    Actually, being at work is the easy part of my day. Once I’m home, all chaos begins. I say my hellos, get my very-much-missed snuggles in, then dinner, unpack bags from the day, wash dishes, re-pack all bags, bathe baby, get him down, shower four year old, read books, get her down, finish packing, finish prepping for the morning, and then finally lay in bed. The days of me lounging on the couch with my husband have been put on hold during this chaotic time. One day we’ll get back to Netflix and our adult shows, but now I’m still in survival mode with no end in sight. 

    Quality over quantity

    I’m telling you about my crazy mornings and my chaotic evenings because to me, this is all worth it. I know that I am a better mom when I work. And what I have learned over the past four years is that it is quality over quantity that matters most. 

    Really hear me when I say QUALITY. OVER. QUANTITY.

    That is the focus. Being home for 18 weeks with my second, I felt like I was with my kids ALL THE TIME (which I was). So, I was desperate for a break from them, going to Target alone felt like a vacation! Now that I have a break from them each day to do something I enjoy, it truly helps my mental health. Being able to get dressed up and put on makeup each day makes me feel like a normal human. When I come home, I cannot wait to get my hands on my kiddos. I enjoy the snuggles, smiles, and chatting about their days at daycare.

    I truly feel that being a working mom is the right choice for me. Even though I have tough moments of being away from my kids and packing seven bags a day, I am able to focus on what makes me, ME. Then when I come home, I am able to focus on what makes me MOM.


    1. Well done, I really resonated with this piece! Its hard to find a balance, but I feel more intentional and deliberate at times.


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