It’s My Birthday Month: Time to Celebrate in and around Detroit


Yay!! It’s my birthday month! For the past three years I haven’t spent a ton of time focusing on my birthday; instead, I’ve planned birthday celebrations for our little guy who was the best birthday gift ever almost four years ago when he was born six days after my birthday.

But this year it hit me: I want to celebrate my special day! After all, who doesn’t like a good time with friends and an occasion to celebrate? Operation “focus on mommy” has begun! Don’t worry…we’re celebrating his day, too, but this time, I’m getting mine in.

Out to dinner with my girls or dinner with my hubby is sweet and always tons of fun, but this year I want to do something different. I’d love to celebrate with the same people, but I want to create a memory that stands out in my mental rolodex. My birthday may not be a milestone to some; I’m not turning 21, 25, 30, or 40, but every year I make it back around the sun is an opportunity to celebrate.

There’s been some good and not so good things that occurred this year that reminded me that we shouldn’t wait to celebrate. Every day is a gift that I’m thankful for. Some key ingredients that make for great birthday fun are laughter, lots of laughter, good food, and relaxation. As I’ve started thinking about the day or days we will celebrate, I’ve considered more grand ideas like a trip to Florida for fun in the sun or shopping in New York. Sunny days on the beach and shopping always make for a good time, but I might not be able to gather my girls to come along for the fun, so I’ve decided to make it a local thang.

There’s so much going on here in our booming metropolis of Detroit that I want to explore the town and find something to do that includes my crew. I’ve surveyed the ladies in my office and talked with a few of my friends, and here’s the list we came up with. Some are very tranquil and relaxing while others more exciting and adventurous:

10-ish Ways to Celebrate a Birthday in and around Detroit

  1. Top Golf: An evening of simulated golf on a massive screen with friends in a comfy lounge while enjoying food
  2. The Escape Room: Gathering with friends to read clues and solve a mystery
  3. Outdoor Zip Lining: An outdoor adventure over snow just an hour away from Detroit
  4. AR Workshop: It might seem like something for our more senior friends, but the idea of eating snacks and knitting a throw in one night while chatting it up sounds fun
  5. Sur La Table: I’m not known for my cooking skills, but it would be great to learn how to cook a new meal with friends and, of course, eat it
  6. The Fowling Warehouse: Bowling with a football? Ummm…sounds interesting!
  7. House of Pure Vin: Well, I don’t indulge in fine wines, but if I did, this sounds like a great place to relax and unwind with friends
  8. Immerse Spa at MGM Grand Casino Detroit: Hubby and I could spend the day getting massages and relaxing by the poolside
  9. The Ten Nail Bar: Mani/pedi with the girls is always a good time
  10. What do you suggest? I haven’t made my final decision yet…

I might just do more than one of these activities since, of course, it’s my birthday month. We can rock this thing out all 31 days!

At the end of the day, it’s all about celebrating life with those you love. The place we choose is a bonus. It’s the people that make the celebration special. Happy Birthday to me! Another year older, stronger, and wiser.

How would you celebrate your birthday month?!


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