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I LOVE celebrating my kiddos!  Their birthdays are usually full of little extras from mom.  I can go, well, just a little overboard when it comes to their birthdays.  I am a DIY’er but usually leave everything to the last minute, which happens to be a stressful combination.  Luckily every party I plan the process has become easier than the last.  I find myself asking the same questions every time and I usually only take on simple projects anymore!  I guess you could say I am always looking for the easy way out!

I also like to find ways to get the birthday boy involved and excited about his special celebration.  The boys enjoy looking at Pinterest along with me when I am searching for inspiration, we talk about the theme, decorations, and dessert.  We also talk about what their favorite flavor “of the month” is!  This gets them involved and I can then make the final decisions knowing they are going to be thrilled with the details!

I wanted to pass along a Birthday Party Checklist.  I use this list to help me think through EVERYTHING!  I hope you can use it too when you’re are planning your next party.  This list will help with both BIG events at fabulous venues and little celebrations at home!  Believe me, you can rest assure you have thought of it all once you get through this list!

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{Here are a few photos of my little guys Rock and Roll Fishing Party!  He LOVES fishing and LOVES music, we asked our guests to bring their fishing poles for a fishing contest!  His Nana turned the mini cupcakes into a guitar and I turned the grapes and chocolate covered pretzels into drum sticks.  His favorite dessert over the summer was a Boston Cooler + Root Beer Float, we used mason jars and made each of our guests a yummy ice cream float!  And he wanted pizza, of course, another one of his favorite things!  A few balloons along with his friends and family made this day perfect and ALL about him!}


Birthday Party Checklist

(2-3 Months Before)

  • Set Party Date + Time
  • Decide On A Budget
  • Create Guest List
  • Select Theme
  • Book Venue If Not At Home
  • Reserve Rental Chairs, Tables, etc.
  • Order Invitations, Paper, Photo Booth Props +/or Party Printable’s
  • Book Entertainment {bounce house, character, face paint, etc.}
  • Order Birthday Cake
  • Book Photographer, or ask a friend!

(1 Month Before)

  • Send Invitations
  • Plan Your Menu + Party Décor
  • See What Party Décor + Kitchen Items You Have On Hand, borrow from friends!

(1 Week Before)

  • Shop For Supplies + Goodie Bags
  • Print + Assemble Party Printable’s/Photo Booth Props
  • Purchase Non-Perishable Food
  • Confirm Details With Your Vendors
  • Write Up A Day of Schedule + Activities
  • Test Run Any Specialty Tables {without food!}

(1 Day Before)

  • Clean house, Set Out Clean Towels + Extra Toilet paper
  • Make Sure Camera Is Charged + Ready
  • Stop By ATM For Cash {entertainers, day of errands}
  • Package Party Favors
  • Pick Up or Bake Birthday Cake
  • Place Food Order (pizza, sub, etc.)
  • Go Grocery Shopping

(Day of Party)

  • Buy Party Ice
  • Set Up Balloons, Streamers, Table, Decorations, etc.
  • Prepare Last Minute Food
  • Chill Drinks
  • Set Out Garbages, etc.

(1 Hour Before)

  • Put Out All Food + Dessert
  • Turn On i-Pod
  • Sit Down, Relax + Enjoy!

Annette Birthday Party Checklist 3


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