Capturing those Kodak Moments and Photography Tips for you Mama!


Can you imagine going back to using Kodak Film and only having a roll of 24 pictures to take!?! I remember taking my film in and ordering doubles so I could give some away.    Today I just share my pictures on Google Plus or Facebook.  I can also take unlimited shots of my little ones and pick my favorite one to share instantly. Times have changed.  It is definitely a digital world!  

I am constantly taking pictures  of my sweet babies. Oh look at how cute Little Miss looks sleeping, I better get a picture! The other day my son was painting and I had taken WAY too many photos of basically the same thing…him with paint all over. But why not!?! Its not like I need to worry about film.  

We also have tons of resources when it comes to photography. While One Hour Photography is still a fast and easy way to print, we can also order through Shutterfly and Tiny Prints and have it delivered right to our front door. I love making photo books. Its my digital way of scrap booking.

Recently we hired Katie Grana to do newborn photos for our baby girl. She does an amazing job!  While we take tons of photos on a daily basis, it is nice to hire someone to take pictures of the entire family.  After our session, I started drilling her with questions on how to take decent photos at home.  After all, it is up to us to capture those raw daily moments.  I decided to ask her if I could interview her for Detroit Moms Blog so other moms can benefit from her great tips.  I know how important it is for all of us to capture those adorable smiles and priceless moments.  Here is what she had to say.  

Photography by Katie Grana

Summers in Metro Detroit provide many outdoor photo opportunities.  We know from your work that you love outdoor photography.  What are your favorite places to take photos?  

I love using natural lighting to illuminate my subjects and outdoor photography is the best way to do that.  My favorite outdoor places are local state and city parks.  I’ve found that most local parks are great places for outdoor photography because they offer lots of different backgrounds without having to travel too far. They also make for a great location because you can turn a photo session into a fun family outing.    

I want to take monthly photos of my little one to capture her growth.  How can I create a professional looking setting at home? I want to avoid those awkward photos where my child looks over sized and the photo looks very unnatural. 

Photography by Katie Grana

It’s all about the angle and the lighting!  Try to get down to your child’s level before taking the shot, if you stand tall and shoot down on your child that position can often look distorted.  That said, playing with different angles can also give you some cool different perspectives.  So I say get that shot at their level but then play around with different angles as well and see what comes of it!  You might surprise yourself!  Also consider the lighting in your home.  Look for rooms with lots of natural light from windows.  If your camera allows, turn off the indoor lights because they often cast yellow shadows on faces.  Try to turn your child towards the window so the light falls on them.  

I never know how to dress my family for a photo session.  What colors or patterns do you find work best or should be avoided?

As far as dressing for photo sessions, I always want my clients to represent who they are!  I have some clients who are very vibrant people and love color and I have clients who like to keep a more natural palette.  You should wear what you feel comfortable in and what makes you feel best!  If you are trying to coordinate outfits I always tell my clients to stay away from loud patterns and prints and choose a color palette you like and then make sure your outfits all coordinate.   

I’m definitely no professional but sometimes I capture some amazing pictures of my little ones. Do you have any suggestions on free editing software to use?  

I know GIMP is a free software that is most similar to Adobe Photoshop.  It has a packed toolbox offering the clone tool, healing tool and much more!  The interface is a bit complex, so I suggest starting with simple effects such as changing exposure and contrast.  If you are looking for something a bit simpler Picasa allows you to apply different pre-made image effects to your pictures with one simple click.  

Once I’m done editing my pictures, I would like to have prints made.  Can you suggest a good online source for printing?  

I regularly use and recommend  They deliver a wonderful quality print that is very affordable

Any suggestions on a good camera and lens to invest in? My iPhone is great for uploading to Facebook but not those monthly shots I’d like to shoot.

I think any entry level DSLR camera body that either Canon or Nikon offers is a great start! A few options are the Nikon d5200,d3200 or the Canon T4i or T3i.  They attach some pretty great kit lenses these days too.  But if you are looking to step up your game I highly suggest the 35mm / f1.4 or 50mm / f 1.8 lens.  These lenses produce amazing images with top notch bokeh (blur).  They also do very well in low light and are rather affordable high-quality options.

Photography by Katie Grana

Any other tips for us mamma’s out there trying to capture our children’s childhood through photography?

Enjoy taking pictures of your little ones and have fun with it!  Don’t stress about getting that technically perfect shot or a shot where everyone is looking and smiling at the camera.  My favorite shots are often ones that capture those candid moments you don’t want to forget where your kids are just being themselves. Lastly, don’t forget that you, mama, need to be in some of those pictures too!  


  1. Love your blogs. How wonderful you write, won’t be long & you can write a book or novel. I only like Facebook for news like this. See you Erik & babes soon. xoxo


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