I’m a Crunchy Mom Who Cares What My Children Eat


Once upon a time being a “crunchy” mom needed no defending. However, in recent years, it seems the tides have turned as moms make excuses and create reasons for not taking the extra step to use natural products and feed their kids organic foods. Now there are times I want to crawl under a rock or feel the need to defend myself. 

I’m Not Perfect

First off, I’m not going to sit here and say that my children never have McDonald’s or Taco Bell or a Hot-N-Ready pizza here and there. I won’t deny that they’ve had candy laced with red dye and refined sugar. What I will do is defend my conscious effort to eliminate as many chemicals and processed foods from their diets as possible while teaching them life-long healthy habits.

It’s Not a Fad

Childhood obesity is real. Cancer from processed foods and pesticides truly happens. Hormone disruption from household chemicals and meats absolutely leads to a host of problems. These are not opinions; they are science-based facts.

I’ve seen the looks when I politely decline soda for my children at birthday parties. The only pop my children have ever had is ginger ale when their tummy is upset. Sugary, artificially-dyed cereals are a taboo in our home. Our fruit snacks are organic, and our dairy and meats are hormone and antibiotic free. I am setting my children up to live long and healthy lives.

I know that it’s easy to drive through a fast food place four nights a week or stock your freezer with high-sodium and high-processed ready-to-cook meals, but while this may be making your life easier, is it truly what’s best for your family?

My Reasons 

I’m as busy as the next mom, but I don’t let this stop me from making good decisions. Almost all items have an organic counterpart (hello Kroger Simple Truth!), and meal planning can truly change your life. I will never put chemical laden skin products on my children because skin is our body’s largest organ. I do not want my little ones having an early risk of cancer or poor development due to the ingredients in most non-natural body washes, sunscreen, bug spray, etc.

Did you know most of the processed food products sold in the USA (i.e. Kraft Mac & Cheese) are not allowed to be sold in most other countries in the same formulation? Think about that. Our American-based food manufacturing companies are selling better products overseas because they have to but still giving us an inferior, less healthy product. Why? Because it’s cheaper for them. Other countries, including the UK, France, Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, (I can go on) etc. do not allow these ingredients in their foods.

I’ll Do Me

I take pride in making a meal plan each week for my family and then order up my Clicklist based on it. I prep what needs to be to get me ahead and utilize my slow cooker and pressure cooker as much as I can. It would be so much easier to order takeout every night of the never-ending busy weeks, but that’s not good for my family or setting my children up for success. Not only do I work in childhood nutrition, but I practice what I preach.

I know I probably won’t change your mind (unfortunately), but that’s not my ultimate goal. I simply don’t want to be judged for doing the best I can for my family. So while you’re throwing caution to the wind and giving the middle finger to crunchy parenting, know that those of us who are “crunchy” are simply working extra hard to do what we believe is best for our family.


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