Celebrating Pride: An Open Letter to My Son


This month we celebrate Pride, a time for bringing awareness and love to those who do not fit gender norms. This month we celebrate you.

We call you our sparkle boy. Not solely because you love everything sparkly, but because you share a special sparkle with the world.

Many people can learn so much from you; I know I have. You wear your fuzzy pink vest like it’s no one’s business. You rock your rainbow leggings without a care in the world. Being true to yourself is the best part of you, and I am here to support you along the way.

We Love You Just the Way You Are

We’ve fought some battles as we’ve ventured this path. I’m sure there will be more to come. Our number one goal is to shield you from those battles. Mama Bear and Papa Bear will happily step in and squash any negativity thrown your way. I will not allow someone to dull your sparkle.

Raising a child who’s “different” is a blessing. It’s a special gift bestowed upon the luckiest of parents. You and your twin brother have been one of those blessings since the moment you were conceived via IVF, since you were born prematurely at 31 weeks, since your brother was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, since we discovered your heart issue that led to your first surgery at five months old, to the moment we noticed your sparkle. We have championed for you both along the way, and this will never stop.

Your differences make you awesome. You love princesses and crafts. Your sweet soul has a passion for animals and the great outdoors. You love to dance, and you love soccer even more. You’re not always crazy about schoolwork, and the same goes for chocolate. You’re blazing your own path and defining who you are at the tender age of six. You amaze me.

Find Your Community; Find Your Pride

The world is still a cruel place. There is a lot of good, and there are a lot of people working to make it better. I hope as you grow the world grows better with you. I’m happy there is the month of June, dedicated to Pride, to show the love and support in our community and across the country that is out there.

We do not know what the future holds for you. It’s obviously too early to know which direction your spirit will take you in life and whether or not you will identify as LGBTQ+ or simply continue to be gender non-conforming. Whichever path you take, know you’ll always have a home, a safe spot, and a champion in your father and me. Continue shining, my sparkle boy.

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