Chalk Your Neighborhood or Decorate Your Window in Support of Black Lives Matter


There is something to be said about solidarity. When we come together, it’s empowering and impactful. It creates unity and vision. 

Right now, our community needs solidarity and support more than ever. Our Black friends, family, and community members need more people to stand up and speak out.

It can be understandably difficult to find the right words. And that’s ok. We’re all learning. Your words don’t have to be perfect. But have the courage to speak up anyway, even if only to acknowledge what’s happening around you and the racial injustice impacting the Black community. Because silence contributes to the problem.

If you’re better at expressing yourself through pictures and art instead of with words, the Detroit Mom team has an idea for how you – and also your kids – can support Black Lives Matter that way, too! 

A few days ago a friend sent a picture of her sons creating chalk art with the words Black Lives Matter. The photo said it all. White children and their families, living in a predominantly white community, spreading the message that Black Lives Matter.

We here at Detroit Mom loved the idea so much that we’re officially making it a Black Lives Matter chalk campaign! We hope you’ll join in this fun activity to educate about and support Black lives. 

How It Works

Grab that chalk and get out into your driveway or the street. If you don’t have chalk, grab a piece or paper or anything you can write on. Get creative! Then hang it in your window.

Write the words Black Lives Matter. Let your children help you. Talk about it. Let them ask questions. Share the real meaning behind Black Lives Matter. Education is important!

Here is a link to resources on the Black Lives Matter movement and how it started:

Why Teaching Black Lives Matter Matters | Part I

PBS’s Teaching Your Child About Black History Month

Then take a picture of your child with your Black Lives Matter art and show people where you stand. Let them know you and your family are allies of the Black community.

Display your art proudly from June 4 – July 4. Let’s create unity within our communities. 

Go on a walk with your family (or by yourself ) to see how many Black Lives Matter chalk drawings or signs in windows you can find! *Don’t forget* to take a picture of the beautiful drawings you find and share to the Detroit Mom FB thread and tag @detroitmoms on social media! Let’s see how many neighborhoods get represented!

Use #DMBLM #detroitmom #detmom #detroitmomunites and follow us on Instagram for a chance to be featured!


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