Confession: I’m a Proud Pinterest Mom



I’ve been called a Pinterest Mom for years. It used to really bug me mostly because the connotation was negative, as though I was trying to one-up the other moms or show off in some way. There have been plenty of times I felt I needed to defend myself from the scrutiny of others who either didn’t have the time to be crafty, or perhaps felt overwhelmed and “not at all creative”, even some who simply didn’t want to.

Whatever the reason, don’t rain on my party, I LOVE Pinterest, and I don’t care who knows about it!

I love cutting, gluing, folding paper, making invitations, printing out my own family Christmas photo cards, hosting cookie exchange parties, helping my kid with homemade Valentines, DIY home projects… ALL OF IT!!! I find it therapeutic. Sure, I work from home so my schedule may be more flexible than those who have outside jobs, it probably also helps that I make birthday cakes & cookies, and participate in party planning as my main source of income. I believe if you love doing something and can make money doing it there’s nothing better. 


Hey, I’m not here to make anyone feel badly for purchasing ready-made cards or sending in store-bought birthday treats, or for not baking your own cakes. Heck, if everyone made their own cakes I’d be out of work. I’m just saying there’s room for everyone. We all do what we do and that’s all cool in my school. As long as you’re enjoying life and the kids are happy, we’re good! 

Before Pinterest I was the “crafty mom”, or the “creative lady”. Ya see, I grew up with a Mom who sewed, baked, and crafted. She made clothes for me and my 4 brothers. I vaguely recall an Easter Sunday with 5 children in matching outfits, the boys shirts matched my dress. Every Halloween my mother made us the best costumes! Birthdays were furnished with homemade cakes, hand made decorations, and family created party games. When I was old enough I helped. My mother taught me to sew, she taught me to bake and craft. I figured that’s how it was in every home. Eventually I found out that wasn’t the case, but since that’s how I grew up I just naturally continued in a lot of ways. I mean, I’m not making my kids clothes, but I have made my share of costumes 🙂 I was also a preschool teacher, so I had loads of opportunities to be creative.

What I love most is planning fun-filled birthday parties for my kid! He chooses the theme and together we come up with a guest list, activities, cake designs, and party foods that carry the theme. I also love hosting his parties at our house, that way I can set up 3 to 4 activity stations. Because without some sort of plan we have chaos. Short. Loud. Chaos. Activity stations keep the kids moving along in smaller, more manageable groups. This is not for everyone. I totally get that. I know I have some mom friends reading this right now who are counting out how many glasses of wine they’d need in order to get through a kids party at home. I love you guys!

Space rocket cookies

Holidays are always over the top at our house. From decorating to celebrating. Not because I have some deep desire to outdo the neighbors but because I do what I love to do. And I plan to keep doing it as long as it gives me joy. Oh, and yeah we’re elf people, too.


 So have fun! That’s what it’s all about after all. Be creative in your own way. I mean, why just make a cheese and fruit tray when you can make a cheese and fruit flag. And it doesn’t take much more to jazz up those chocolate dipped strawberries, simply use white chocolate and blue sugar. Go on! ENJOY!!!







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