Dear Long-Lost Friends: I Miss You!


Dear Long-Lost Friends,

I wanted to take a moment to apologize for being a terrible friend in the years since I’ve become a mom. I haven’t seen some of you in years. I haven’t heard from some of you in months. I miss you!

I am so sorry I haven’t responded to your texts.

I saw them. I probably read them when I was in the school parking lot, waiting to pick the kids up. I thought about my response but I ran out of time to type it and send it. Thanks for always letting me pick up the conversation three days later as if no time has passed.

I’m sorry I missed your significant life event last month. (Was it a birthday? Anniversary? Housewarming?) The baby had an ear infection and I hadn’t slept for two nights. I wanted to come– I even took a shower that day. But when those little arms wound around my neck and I felt that her fever had returned, I couldn’t leave her with a sitter. Thank you for understanding why I had to stay home, and for sending me those pictures of you so I could feel like I was there.

I didn’t know about the family/work drama you’ve been going through.

I hate that you are dealing with something so tough and I am not there for you. I’m sorry that I couldn’t talk when you called the other day to vent. The kids must have known I was hiding in the bathroom for a few moments of quiet to hear your story, and chose that moment to spill the entire gallon of milk in the kitchen. Thanks for repeating half of your story without getting upset that I was only half listening.

I’m sorry we cancel plans as often as we make them. I’m sorry that the last time we hung out with our kids, everyone ended up with strep throat. I’m sorry that the last time we hung out without our kids was two seasons ago and I just kept yawning the whole time. 

Mostly…just thank you so much for accepting that this season of my life is absolutely bananas. Thanks for sticking with me. I promise I will try to be a better friend to you! 

Love Always, Your Hot Mess Mom Friend


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