Detroit Mom Book Club: Book of the Month for November 2022


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Book of the Month: The Collective by Alison Gaylin


Camille Gardner went through the unimaginable losing her daughter five years ago. To this date she still obsesses over the young man she thinks is responsible for her daughter’s death, to the point where her actions begin to attract attention. The collective is a secret group of mothers who all desire justice for various reasons and Camille can’t help but be drawn in to their group. Together, the collective plot anonymous revenge on those who have wronged them, one at a time.

Book Club Reading Discussion Schedule

The dates listed below are the days we will be posting discussion questions in the Facebook group. On those dates, we will be talking about the pages listed.

Tuesday, November 8: Chapters 1-6

Tuesday, November 15: Chapters 7-12

Tuesday, November 22: Chapters 13-17

Tuesday, November 29: Chapters 18-end

We hope you enjoy The Collective and get to discuss with us in our book club this month!


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