Detroit Mom Welcomes Amanda, a Grosse Pointe Woods Mom


Hey mamas, happy to be back as a Contributor with Detroit Mom! Like most of you, I wear many hats. Currently, I am a part-time preschool teacher, part-time artist, and part-time stay-at-home mom. I’ve been an Early Childhood Educator for nearly 15 years and it truly is my passion. My teaching has changed so much over the years, and I strive for it to continue to evolve. Like parenting, it has highs and lows, but I honestly love what I do.

I have always dabbled in creative pursuits, and then one of my 2020 quarantine hobbies grew into a side business over this last year. It’s been a fun side project! In between all of that, you will often find me reading a book, listening to a podcast, or binge watching a new TV show. For these, I don’t stick to any one genre, I try a little bit of everything. I love to hear new recommendations for all of the above and I’m your person if you want to chat about it afterward. I usually have strong opinions, and most of my group chats revolve around what we are listening to, reading, or watching. 

In My Spare Time

Photo by Lemon Lane Photography.

To put myself first, I spend time with girlfriends. We set up a book club this year so it’s been nice to have a set time to get together. Something I’ve started to do is to ignore the never-ending to-do list and just enjoy being with my family. To me, that’s my kind of self-care. I’m not the “bubble bath, get your nails done, go shopping” kinda gal. (Not to knock those things, they just aren’t my bag.) It’s been nice to redefine self-care for myself, even if it doesn’t match what the mom memes say. We recently moved, so exploring our new area has been fun.

My Crew

As for my family, I’ve been with my partner, Mike, for eight years. We have a five-year-old who started kindergarten this year and a two-year-old who started part-time preschool. They are hilarious, adventurous, and the lights of our lives. We added an equally hilarious and spirited doodle to our family this year, Coney. (An ode-to-Detroit name we picked out years ago.) I try to follow Gentle Parenting techniques at home, and we love to get outdoors and visit our local parks. Spooky season is my favorite, so we’ve had some pretty good family costumes over the years.

Our oldest is neurodivergent, so I can relate with other special needs moms. I am a neurodiversity-positive advocate and have learned so much through our journey. I’m thankful for the ways it has changed me both personally and professionally.

As for work, I think I’ve tried every combination over the last six years. I’ve worked full time, part-time, worked remotely, brought my kids to work with me, worked full time out of my home, and stayed home full time. I think I have finally found a balance that works for us, and for that I am thankful. I can attest that they are all challenging and rewarding in their own ways.

Places I’ve Called Home

I was born and raised in Texas, went to high school in Saline, MI, and then lived in Ann Arbor for 10 years for undergrad and beyond. (Go Blue!) I ended up in Berkley for the next seven years and we just recently moved to Grosse Pointe Woods. Of all the places in Metro Detroit I’ve lived in, they all have their own distinct community feel, and I’ve enjoyed experiencing all of them. Narrowing down my favorites is tough! My partner works for Blake’s, so we love to visit there at least once per season. My new favorite business in our area is Coreander’s Bookstore, it’s a whimsical dream and worth a ride to check it out. I’m also a big fan of brunch so I’m always on the hunt for the new family-friendly spots with delicious eats! Let me know if you have any hidden gems I should add to my list!

What I Want To Share

I’m most excited to share fun things to do and places to go in Metro Detroit! My kids have endless energy and some sensory sensitivities so I like to look for inclusive activities. I have a few fun activity ideas for littles up my sleeve and some simple parenting strategies and hacks that have worked for us. I’m most excited to learn from the other talented and kind mamas we have on our team.


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