Detroit Mom Welcomes Amanda, a Macomb Mom


Hello, Detroit Moms! My name is Amanda and I am a full-time working mom. I work as an advertising executive at an ad agency in Detroit. I have a passion for being creative and making things, which is probably why I ended up in advertising now making commercials. When I’m not working, you can find me spending quality time with family and friends over a glass (…ok, a bottle) of wine or cooking while I dance around my kitchen with the music turned up.

About Amanda
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Mom Life

I have an adorable, demanding, sweet and sassy four-year old son named Luca. He is in his second year of preschool and he loves to learn new things. He is especially fascinated by cars and will tell you if he spots a Corvette on the road.

Luca was diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies at the young age of four months old to milk/dairy, eggs, and peanuts. Adjusting to life as a new mom and getting ready to reenter the work force as a working mom, this changed my entire life. Watching my baby have awful full-body reactions to my breastmilk was the most heart-wrenching thing. I had to stop nursing my baby and switched him to formula (not just any formula, the expensive stuff). Quickly, I became anxious about everything. However, through an amazing support system (and lots of therapy), I learned how to manage and control Luca’s diet as he got older. It became so much easier. Today, he has outgrown his milk allergy and we don’t let food allergies hold us back.

Due to Luca’s strict dietary needs as a baby, I found myself in the kitchen cooking and baking a lot and experimenting with allergy-friendly recipes. It’s fun for me and now even Luca joins in and helps – even if it is just to try and sneak a taste.

Balancing It All

I am passionate about mental health and creating a balance that helps me feel my best. I stumbled upon this quote and it rings so true for me: “balance isn’t something you find, it’s something you create.” As a new mom, I found myself struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety. The importance of taking time to take care of myself became realized. I meet regularly with a therapist and schedule time to be alone and recharge during the week. I also believe diet and exercise play just as big a role in mental health as in physical health. 

Meet Amanda
Photo by Jessica Snow Photography

Born and Raised

I’m born and raised in Macomb, Michigan. I spent a short four years in the Grand Rapids area where I went to college at Grand Valley State University. But, I moved back a week after graduating to start my first job at a large ad agency. I still live in Macomb to be close to my parents. As a working mom, my parents save my life when I have to work late or need someone to look after Luca. I can’t imagine being far from them. 

I love the energy of working in the heart of Detroit and the opportunity to explore local businesses and restaurants in the city. Outside of the city, I love to visit Blake’s Orchard and Cider Mill. There’s so much to do there as a family with the kids, or as a night out for the adults. During the summer, I enjoy days at the park with Luca, like Macomb Corners and Innovation Hills. And I’m always looking for restaurants with great outdoor seating for dinner, like Brown Iron Brewery (they have a great selection of craft and local beers!). We also spend a few weekends a year up north in Port Austin.


I’m excited to be joining the Detroit Mom community and to share some of my life with you all. I can’t wait to show what I’m cooking up in the kitchen and some of the creative activities Luca and I make together. Most of all, I want to continue to foster the sense of community between moms in Detroit – to be your cheerleader when mom life gets chaotic, you don’t know what to do with your kids, you don’t know what to make for dinner, and you don’t know how it will all get done. It will, I promise.

Please say hello, I’d love to connect and meet you!


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