Detroit Mom Welcomes Emily, a Berkley Mom

Who am I? I’m Emily Fideler. A mom of two, twin to one, partner to one, and older sister to three. You can frequently find me at the gym, going to a musical or concert if I’m lucky, on walks, exploring Detroit, maybe playing recreational softball, and almost always at a park or outside. I’m passionate about mental health advocacy, women’s rights, and making my corner of the world as good of a place as I can.

I work at White Glove, as a product manager. Basically, I manage a software platform for financial advisors, and a bunch of enterprise contracts. It’s fascinating and entirely boring if you’re not passionate about it! I’m almost done (three more semesters!) with my MBA, through Penn State.

Detroit Mom


I struggle to put myself first, but I do make it to the gym or move my body four to five times a week, and that’s the best form of self-care I can do for my own mental health! A passion of mine is the gym–I thrive on lifting and feeling strong. I also love to talk my therapist’s ear off, every Friday, at 10:00 a.m. Archer is the best.

My Family

I am the proud mom of two little kids. Cosette will be five soon, and Ezra will be two! I’m learning what kind of moms I relate to, but my friend affectionately (I hope?) labeled me as the “organized chaos medical advocate parent.” I’m a working mom, a student, a partner to Steve, and at the same time, I’m very proudly LGTBQIA parent. While I wouldn’t call myself a medical mom, my son does have lots of medical needs that make things a bit complex.


I’m from a small town just outside of Lansing, named Grand Ledge! I went to college at GVSU, and moved over to the Detroit area to be with my boyfriend (now husband!). We lived in Ferndale, in a perfect tiny 800 sq. foot house, and ended up selling to move to Berkley for two more bathrooms and one more bedroom, and a whole lot more sanity! Metro Detroit has made me a bit of a foodie. I love all the different restaurants, breweries, parks, and of course, the food trucks.

My perfect Saturday morning with my kids is usually waking up at 7:30 (if I’m lucky), going to the Royal Oak Farmers Market or Eastern Market, then making our way to the OAC, grabbing lunch at a restaurant nearby (we love Sweetwater’s wings!), and running back for naptime!

During the summer, you can find us making a tour of any and all splash pads within 45 minutes of our house. We also are huge fans of Pink Garlic and their lamb curry . . . my husband and I will split takeout from there way too often! If I have a child-free night, I love to venture downtown. We like to start at Atwater, then make our way to all the different breweries, usually by walking or scootering along the river.

I’m so excited to bring a fresh perspective on advocacy, parenting high needs kids, traveling with kids, and anything else I could provide to Detroit Mom!


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