FREE PRINTABLE: Earth Day Scavenger Hunt Bingo


It’s spring, and in honor of Earth Day, let’s get outside and have some fun with this Earth Day printable! If it’s too chilly to get outside, grab a book and start hunting. Did you know Earth Day is celebrated around the world? How cool is that?! That’s because our earth is a really big deal, and there’s so much we can all do to preserve it!

I think there are two primary reasons Earth Day is important for our kids: the first is to learn to appreciate the earth and all of it’s simple treasures. Because, when you love something, you want to protect it and take care of it. It only makes sense that we help our children love the earth we all share. Secondly, it is important to emphasize that even the smallest hands can make a difference and take action.

I’ve created a game to get you and your kids outside this Earth Day. If a scavenger hunt and bingo had a baby, it would be called Scavenger-Bingo. Welcome, Scavenger-Bingo.

Let’s Play this Earth Day!

  1. Every player grabs an Earth Day Scavenger-Bingo sheet (there are four different sheets, just like in original bingo) and heads outside.
  2. Start a nature walk and look for the items on your sheet, just like a traditional scavenger hunt. When you find something, cross it off.
  3. The first person to get five in a row, in any direction, wins! That’s right, just blend the rules from a scavenger hunt and bingo together (insert mind blown emoji).
  4. For extra points, pick up any litter you find. One point for each.
  5. This isn’t just for Earth Day, either. Earth Day should really be every day, right?! So, head outside whenever the weather is nice and play along. Is the weather too crummy? No worries! Play along by searching for the items in books.

Let’s Learn this Earth Day!

  1. As you’re playing the game, use each item as a talking point about how it impacts our earth, good or bad.
  2. Collect items as you go and make some fun crafts to reinforce just how beautiful our earth is. Some craft ideas might include:
    • Make Earth Day wands by adhering leaves and flowers to sticks with twine, string, or washi tape.
    • Spell your earthly name by gluing flower petals on a recycled piece of cardboard (cereal boxes and milk cartons are amazing for recycled crafts).
    • Make a nature wreath out of small rocks, pinecones, and acorns.
  3. As you see insects and critters, reinforce the importance of gentle hands. Gentle hands may make the biggest impact of all hands!
  4. Even the peskiest critter can serve our community. Here’s a fun sheet on how to plant a backyard oasis this Earth Day to attract mammals, birds, and insects. It also shares how each benefits our community.

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day with your kids this year?
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