Fan Section: Population One


That chair. Fan section: population one.

My son’s fan section at any given sporting event or activity,  ninety-nine percent of the time consistents of one person. Me.

Sure, sometimes, the other kids at baseball and soccer have one parent or person cheering them on. Reminding them to keep their eye on the ball, keep their focus. For my son, it is usually just me.  Just me, the single mom.

Not to say I am literally the only single mom in the fan stand, but it definitely feels that way at times. There I sit in my big green chair, slightly offset from the others, careful not to impend on any other family’s space. With that being said, it can be difficult to navigate these family events and situations as a singleton, (Bridget Jones reference).

When placed in situations with all coupled up families, it can be totally nerve-wracking to start a conversation or keep the conversation going. (#awkawrdsmalltalk) Especially once the “what does your husband do?”, or the “where is your husband?” questions pop up. If you are like me, I stumble and scatter over this response. “Er. Um…” Is usually my response, then it feels like they are looking at me like I am a unicorn. Sometimes, the conversation dies out after this. Why is that? Or, alternatively, this question doesn’t phase you. If attending these family-based activities alone does add an element of awkward for you, keep these things in mind:

  • No one probably cares, or truly notices. (Truly, most people don’t care. You are really are not sticking out like a sore thumb.)
  • You did show up! You are the one in the cheering section. (Yay, mama!)
  • Get out of your own head. (Easier said than done, and can be super hard for me to do.) Try to engage the other parents in some conversation, even a quick hello, or how are you. Break up that isolated feeling, and space.

What I am truly trying to say is, you are there. YOU. ARE. THERE. Single mama, fan section of one, your son or daughter will not remember that you were there alone. They are going to remember that you were there, supporting them. Although, sometimes easier said than done, don’t let being the only solo parent there take you away from your purpose on that soccer field, very early on a Saturday, possibly in the rain. You are there to champion and support your child! Cheer on, mama!

Victory! Watching my son master his skills at karate.

Single mama’s, have you experienced that awkward feeling on the sports field or other family events? How do you handle it?


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