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My darling Kinley just turned two. Seriously, I swear it is going by faster with the second than it did with my son. She is a strong-willed cookie who loves babies, dogs, and keeping up with her big brother.

As a mom, I’m always on the hunt for toys they would enjoy, but also are educational. And so when my grandma sent some “toy money” for her birthday {and some for Aiden, my son as well} we headed to every kids dream – TOYS’R’US!

After a lot of roaming, selections were made!

Lauren H backyard bingo review 1

{Isn’t she the cutest?! I’m totally bias!}

Kinley snatched up another baby {I mean really we needed another one!} along with a bath tub and the game “Backyard Bingo,” which I will actually review after I show off my babes!

Lauren H backyard bingo review 2

Aiden added some cars to his Thomas set, “little Legos” as we call them, and batteries! I just realized the batteries made it in the picture – they were for his Read With Me DVD! { http://www.amazon.com/Fisher-Price-Learning-System-Little/dp/B0009WLRNS}.

We have all been really enjoying Barnyard Bingo! This is the first game that we can really play together, I guess you could include Hungry, Hungry Hippos – educational in the fact the more those Hippos eat… the more likely you are to win {okay, yes and counting the balls!}. Anyways, it’s a fantastic game and I highly recommend for the early preschool crowd.

Lauren H backyard bingo review 33

The game comes with four cards {a lot of stickers that are easy to place}, 12 chips, and the barn. There are three different ways to play, which I love since Kinley is still young.

1. Matching the colors. You can flip the cards over and then just simply match each color. First one to do so yells, “Bingo!”

2. Matching the color and animal. In the picture above this is exactly how you play. Again, first one to do so yells, “Bingo!”

3. If you are just playing with you and your child, then it suggest just pulling out a chip and talking about the color or the animal. Asking questions like “What sounds does the pig make?” It’s more of a fun educational tie.

AND what I love best is you can have one child playing one way and the other playing another. My son Aiden will match the animals, where Kinley is simply matching the colors until she gets the hang of the game. It encourages lots of discussion, especially about taking turns!

One thing that is tough about the game is actually opening the barn for the chip to come out. I don’t know if we just need to wear ours in a little, but Kinley cannot do this independently. Aiden can most the time, but really struggles.

Overall, this has become a favorite toy in our house!

Lauren H backyard bingo review 4

Kinley winning her first game!


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