I Was Looking for Healing for my Son, But Found So Much More


“Mrs. Mott, we need you to go directly to emergency and in the morning we are going to schedule surgery.”

My heart and mind raced with so many questions. See, I was 20 weeks pregnant and was simply supposed to be finding out the sex of my child. My panic increased because, while this was my third pregnancy, I only had one child to hold in my arms. I couldn’t take another break in my heart. Was I going to lose this one, too?

I left my appointment and made my way to the hospital. I was immediately admitted. My husband and I made a decision that he would go home to care for our three-year-old daughter. Alone with my thoughts I feared the worst. The next morning, I was sewed up with a cervical cerclage and put on bed rest for the next five months.

My Son’s Arrival

On April 14th, I was happy to welcome a baby boy into the world. But, we were far from being in the clear. I was faced with complication after complication. As his mother, I refused to accept our reality as his normal. I changed the way we ate. I created a better environment. I saw specialist after specialist. But there was still something missing. I was desperately searching for healing for my son.

My sister gave me a sample of an essential oil blend to put in my son’s bath water. At this point, it had been two years since either of us slept fully through the night. I put that sample in his bath water and almost immediately his frantic splashing came to a halt. To my shock, his little head started to nod. That night, he slept through the entire night and found a calm of heart. Like any good skeptic, I tried the oil sample in his bath every night until the sample ran out with the same results.

What I Learned

When my son found emotional support through the consistent use of essential oils, the rest of his body was able to relax. Once I was able to pause and focus on my own healing using essential oils, everything else became so much clearer.

I was looking for physical healing for my son, but what I didn’t realize is he needed emotional support. What I didn’t know is that I also needed emotional support. There is a unique relationship between emotions and olfaction within the brain, essential oils can help “unlock” stored memories and emotions. According to Lindsey Elmore, “When you breathe in an essential oil, molecules enter the limbic system and elicit an emotional response. An aversion to a particular oil may indicate something more than just personal preference.”

Perspective can be the shift that helps release the worry. Many times, in the face of panic, we lose focus on the things we can control. What if the shift is something as small as a sample?

For more information about essential oils, check out Dayna’s piece on Essential Oils and Kids: What You Need to Know.


Disclaimer: This post is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Seek the advice of a qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


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