I’d Rather Not Assume


When Annette asked me to write for Detroit Moms Blog, I was a bit reluctant.  I wasn’t sure I would be the best fit for you given my oldest is 18 and heading to college next year.  It’s hard for me to REALLY remember the frustrations and struggles of getting up every 3 hours to feed a baby,  dealing with a toddler’s melt down, or handling a stubborn 4 year old.  Of course I remember those things but it is completely different when you are living it.  And the last thing you need is another parent saying things like “enjoy it while it lasts” or “they are only little once” or “you will never get these years back.”   What you most likely need is another parent who says things like “me too,” “I am having the same problem,” or “potty training is killing me.”  These days I am dealing with teenager pushback, teenage dating, puberty, and a 10 year old who thinks she is 16.  I have made many mistakes and I continue to make mistakes every day.  You will make your own mistakes, but you already know that.

I'd Rather Not Assume

So rather than just make assumptions about what you want and need to hear as a parent and possibly spouse or partner, I am just going to come out and ask.  What do you need and want to hear about?  What are your biggest worries as a parent?  What are your biggest frustrations?

Here are some of the things I’m good at:

  1. Raising children
  2. Raising girls
  3. Being married to the same man for 25 years and still liking him 🙂
  4. Balancing work and life
  5. Managing schedules, do lists, and staying organized
  6. Taking time for myself and not feeling guilty
  7. Defining life plans, family identity, and setting goals
  8. Connecting with your kids

And here are some of the things I’m not good at:

  1. Crafting or anything that requires artistic talent
  2. Raising boys (I have 4 girls)
  3. Cleaning my house
  4. Playing (my husband rocks this though)

So what do YOU need?  Tell me in the comments!  Please don’t make me assume, or we will all end up bored.


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