Introducing Lindsey: A Huntington Woods Mom


Introducing Lindsey!

:: Down with Detroit ::

Hi everyone! I’m Lindsey and I am new to Detroit. I moved here in August from Nashville with my husband, daughter Eleanor (16 months) and our two rescue cats Millie and Marty (our other babies!) We live in Huntington Woods and love the neighborhood. I’m from Denver originally but went to college in NYC where I met my husband, who grew up here. Over the past ten years I’ve spent time in Michigan, but am really getting a chance to know Detroit now that we live here. Although we’ve only lived here a relatively short time, we already have a few favorite hangs, and they mostly involve eating (we love food).

If it’s Friday night, we’re probably ordering Amici’s pizza in Berkley, or if we are feeling brave we will take our daughter there for an Early Bird dinner, they’re super kid-friendly. I’m vegan and Phil and Eleanor are vegetarian and Amici’s has delicious options for us all. As former New Yorkers we take pizza pretty seriously, and Amici’s meets our strict pizza guidelines. We also love Anita’s Kitchen and Green Space Cafe, great date night space, in Ferndale.

If we’re feeling stir crazy during the Michigan winter we love Detroit Kid City. My daughter can play to her heart’s content, and I can enjoy a vegan-friendly latte and cookie. We also love the library for rainy days where we play and take home a good book to enjoy before bedtime. If we’re feeling up for it, we love exploring downtown, grabbing a meal at Seva and desert at Avalon bakery, while also browsing the shops in Midtown. We’re looking forward to warmer weather and getting to know our new city even better

:: My Life ::

I am mostly home with Eleanor these days, but teach family yoga and music and do some early childhood consulting for parents and schools on occasion. I have taught pre-k through first grade and am certified to teach yoga as well. I love teaching and all things education related. It’s been really fun having my own little one and seeing her learn and grow every day.

Our sweet little skunk!

I love cooking and baking, but have had to adapt to simpler recipes now that I have a toddler assisting me. I also love to read and take in a yoga class when I can. My Bachelor’s degree is in Musical Theater, and I still secretly dream of starring on Broadway and am constantly singing and listening to show tunes. Having the Fisher Theatre nearby is a tremendous perk.

Being a crazy cat lady is another huge part of who I am and I am passionate about advocating for rescuing and adopting. It’s so important to me that my child develop a love and respect for animals and be part of their care taking. Our lives would not be nearly as full without our beloved indoor kitties, they provide our family with so much love and entertainment.

Marty and Millie!

:: Babies & Beyond ::

We noticed shortly after our daughter’s birth in the fall of 2015 that she had FOMO (Fear of Missing Out, aka Colic) which first presented itself as a refusal to sleep or be put down the first three months of her life. I’ve always been a yogi and decided to try a Mama Baby yoga class when she was three months old and was immediately hooked. Being in yoga class was the only time other than nursing that she and I were both at peace, and it quickly became our favorite outing together.

Must have tools for a colicky baby: the Boba Wrap, the sound of the vacuum and WINE

We found a great routine and community at our yoga studio in Nashville, and when we decided to move to Detroit I was so sad to leave it behind. As you can imagine, we were at Honey for class as soon as their Ferndale location opened. Honey and its owner and founder, Brooke, welcomed us with open arms from our very first day and has been an amazing space for us. Full disclosure: I love it so much I am now a teacher there!

Our experiences at Honey and at our local story-time and music class as well as having wonderful neighbors have helped us create a community and routine in our new home town, and we’ve made some amazing friends in our short time in Michigan

Today, my daughter is the friendliest toddler on the block, and gives a huge smile and says “HI!” to everyone she meets, everywhere. She’s chatty and precocious and constantly makes my “teacher heart” proud with her love of reading and books as well as her overall eagerness to learn and discover the world around her. Parenting isn’t always easy and we have our challenging moments, but she truly delights my husband and I every day. We couldn’t ask for a better little person to complete our family, and I’m excited to share our experiences as a parent, as well as my perspective and knowledge as an Early Childhood Educator with you on Detroit Mom’s Blog.


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