Introducing the DMB’s of Sarah Lubetsky

Hey mamas, I’m Sarah. I’m a working mama and wife with a serious addiction to all things internet. I write about my adventures in life, family, and health on my personal blog at
{Down with Detroit} 
In the third grade I wrote a report on the Detroit Red Wings, complete with a detailed sketch of a goalie uniform. A strange obsession for a kid in Berkeley, California (born on the east coast and raised in the west)… maybe Jonathan Taylor Thomas had a little to do with it at first, but I was Detroit-curious from a young age.
Detroit feels so American, with the rich  history of music and the industrial history, so much American culture wrapped up in a place. I held on to that fascination with Michigan as I grew up and moved about Northern California. I studied American studies at UC Davis and often came back to my curiosity with what life would be like outside of my familiar bicoastal world. When it came time to apply to graduate school for Public Health, Michigan was still calling my name and I took the leap. Almost 6 years, a degree, a dog, a husband and a baby girl later, I’m so glad I did! 
{My Family and Finding Home}
I met my husband (a Michigander, born and bred in Oakland County) online while in school and started commuting back and forth between Royal Oak and Ann Arbor as we fell in love. I eventually joined him full-time, lucky enough to have found work in Detroit after graduation. We spent 3 wonderful years living in Royal oak as we became husband and wife and parents to a sweet Cockapoo named Brinkley. We loved riding our bikes to Ray’s ice cream on hot summer nights and people watching at the Dream Cruise each summer. 
Working in the city for an infant mortality reduction project, I got to know it more intimately, and grew to love my adopted home for its fierce pride and perseverance. Eventually our road led us back to Ann Arbor where I now work as a content developer for a health-focused technology company (though my incredibly gracious husband still makes the trek each day back to Royal Oak). I love that Metro Detroit is such a great place to raise a family and I’m proud to call it my home. 
{Babies & Beyond}
In February, 2015 we welcomed our first Daughter, ZPL, into the world with great joy, relief, and excitement. We experienced a loss with our first pregnancy in April 2014, and are constantly aware of what a miracle and privilege it is to get to be parents to our little girl. We can’t wait to explore with her and to watch her personality continue to develop. She’s a chill, happy baby, not quick to tears. She’s already driving us wild with pride as she discovers her toes, flirts and smiles. 



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