Introducing Tiphani Moorer…a Detroit Mom


You know that feeling…the feeling you get when you have prepared, researched, and studied for an exam, yet you are still a nervous wreck when the teacher lays the exam down in front of you. Your mind instantly goes blank, and you can’t even remember your own name…

Breathe. OK…I’ve got this; it’s all coming back to me now. So here goes nothing but also a little of everything:

My name is Tiphani Moorer, and I am a Detroit mom.


Made in Detroit

I was born and raised in “The D.” I attended and graduated from the Detroit Public School system. I have been working in the downtown Detroit area for 13 years now. I currently live in Detroit. My husband and I own House of Wax Detailing and Carwash, which is also located in Detroit. It’s truly nothing like being a “Native Detroiter.” I have so many wonderful memories growing up and going to school in the city. 

One of my fondest memories of going to school in Detroit was when the “Book Mobile” would make its weekly stop at my elementary school. This is when and where my love for books and writing began. My mother still talks about how when she would go shopping with me, she would never have to look for me in the toy section of the store. She always knew exactly where to find me: in the book section. I simply fell in love with how easily I was able to connect with written words in such a tangible way. As a new contributor for Detroit Moms Blog, my greatest hope is that my written words are able to touch you in a tangible way, as well. 

Growing up here in Detroit does something to you. There is a since of pride that resonates deep within you. No matter where you go, it feels so good to proclaim “I am from Detroit!”. There are so many things changing for the better. This city and its people are resilient to say the least. I am truly enjoying all the new things the city has to offer, and also that I get to share them with my family.

This Is Us…#Blended

#Blended wasn’t trending while growing up in my family. However, I had the privilege of having both of my parents plus a bonus mom and bonus dad raise me. All four of them were good friends and still are to this very day. They made sure all of my siblings and myself knew, loved, and spent time with each other. I have six siblings, and though I am sure our parents had their share of drama, they managed to keep it from all of us. Growing up in a blended family taught me valuable life lessons and many of them I reference in my life now.


Seven years ago I “met” my husband at the Detroit River Days. I can’t believe so much time has passed; it truly feels like it was only yesterday. Kelvin and I actually went to the same high school (class of 1996), had a significant amount of mutual friends, and even attended the same events; however, we never interacted with one another. Now, here we are: married for three years with a beautiful blended family. I am often still in shock when I think to myself, “Wow, we have five kids!”

Our tribe consists of four girls and one boy (I birthed two and gained three bonus kids). My three bonuses are Jordyn (21), Neya (18), and KJ (15). My two girls are Paige (12) and our Little Miss Tillie (15 months). Sometimes I think to myself, “What in the world was I thinking having a baby at 40?,” but she truly is our “cherry on top”.


Who I Am…Really

Well, now that I have gotten all of the formalities out of the way…here’s a quick run down of me! I tend think of myself as pretty easy-going although my husband would probably say different. My spirituality is more important to me than anything; it is my foundation. I am a die-hard foodie…like seriously, food makes me so happy! I don’t like to pay full price for anything and am always searching for the best deal possible. Amazon is my best friend, and I’ve come to the realization that sneaking packages in the house without my husband seeing them is officially overrated.  

My mind is filled with lots of random facts, which started with my “page sniffing” days of the Encyclopedia Britannica (new books smell amazing). Now I have a love affair with Google; I literally Google EVERYTHING. I just love researching and learning new things. I actually think I’m pretty funny, not like stand-up comedian funny, but you definitely won’t be bored around me. I change my hair almost as much as I change my mind. And lastly, I love all things to do with reading and writing, and I am currently working on re-vamping my personal blog. 

I am so excited about being a new contributor here at Detroit Moms Blog!



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