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Jet Setting Mom airplane and travel tips flying with baby

I had been looking forward to December for months. Not only is this the first year my daughter can sing the Holidays songs, watch Holiday movies and want presents but it also means it was time for our first Family Vacation ON A PLANE!

I have flown with my daughter a few times since she was born. But this was the first time we (Hubby included) flew together with TWO kids – all the way to Southwest Florida. First, a quick 4 days in the St. Pete Beach area and then a 3 hour drive south to Naples to stay with my mom for the rest of the week.

Flying with one “lap” baby is easy – flying with one “lap” baby and a “toddler” in her own seat… Not sure what to expect. For weeks prior to the trip I dreamt about packing the suitcases and diaper bag. How do I pack everything I need in as compact as possible? Luckily, we rented a condo and only needed to pack enough for 24 hours. First stop off the plane: WALMART.

Airplane + Travel Tips

While traveling with baby…..and a toddler!


We only packed two suitcases for the four of us: (1) for my husband and I to share and (1) for the kids. I also threw in a nylon bag (basically a reusable shopping bag) to double as a “beach” bag. Instead of my usual diaper bag, we used a backpack that had multiple pockets and was easier to carry through the airplane (and Hubby did’t have to be embarrassed carrying a flowered diaper bag!) Both places we stayed at had a washer/dryer so I only packed enough for 4 days.



This one gave me the most headache. What if there’s a blowout on the plane? What if there is spit up? Or she leaks through her pull up? Or he spits up on me?? I dressed in layers so in case anything gets on me, I can just remove a layer. I packed:

  • Changing pad
  • (6) diapers each w/a roll of diaper bags to dispose them in & wipes
  • Travel size A&D Ointment
  • (2) bibs plus a back of disposable bibs
  • (2) cotton diapers (or burp rags)
  • Small blanket (it’s actually a swaddle blanket)
  • (1) bottle & (1) Sippy cup
  • Container for milk (we bought white milk at McDonald’s once we passed through security)
  • Travel Tylenol & syringe
  • Individual wrapped formula packs (BEST. THING. EVER.)
  • (4) packs of food w/spoons that screw right on
  • Snacks for the plane
  • Extra outfit for each (sleep n play, long sleeve shirt, leggings)
  • Copies of their birth Certificates, medical cards, and contact information

Our daughter brought her small suitcase on wheels to carry her toys and small items to keep her busy on the flight.



Check as much as you can! The less you drag through the airport and on to the plane the better!

  • Check the luggage
  • Check the Infant carrier /car seat (We added a car seat to our rental car at our final destination). Don’t forget to put the car seats in a bag or a large garbage bag!
  • That leaves me to “wear” the baby, push the toddler in the stroller, Hubby wears backpack diaper bag and we are all hands free
  • Check the stroller at the gate right before boarding!
  • Change all diapers before getting on the plane. You don’t want to get stuck changing a diaper in the airplane restroom (trust me – NOT FUN).



  • Download videos/movies before you get in the air! And if you want to purchase Wi-Fi – do it before the plane takes off (if possible)
  • Suckers/milk to prevent the ears from popping. We fed the baby during the takeoff/landing and let the toddler have a special sucker!
  • Sit back and relax.
  • Bring a small bag of “toys” – books, blanket, and favorite doll.


Once you land, and pack up all the luggage and get in the car – it’s time for FUN! Both my kids did excellent on the way down and even better on the way home! Both were asleep before the plane ever lifted off the ground which means I got to take a nap too!



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