Lil’ Pnuts Review and {Giveaway}


Little Pnuts Toy Review

I’ll never forget that little voice saying, “Harper got mail”. She was so excited when I told her that the Little Pnuts package was just for her. I didn’t realize how exciting receiving mail would be to a 2 year old!!!

I’m a huge {huge} advocate for educational toys. I couldn’t believe how amazing these toys were when we opened the box.

Little Pnuts is a toy company developed by Melissa, a determined mother looking for high quality toys. This company sends special deliveries, eco-friendly, sustainable, natural and organic toys that arrive right on your doorstep. They hope to awaken imagination, creativity and play without turning on the television or any other electronic device.

Harper is only two so of course she wanted to rip into the box like it was Christmas. I on the other hand wanted to get the full Little Pnuts experience. I have to say, I loved opening the box and seeing that cute little sticker holding the tissue paper closed with the toys securely held inside. She tore open the paper and started yanking everything out. I had to be quick with the camera because I knew it wouldn’t last long.


Harper was instantly attracted to the blocks {Zoo Animal Block Puzzle}. I loved that they challenged her to put the animals together. While that part didn’t last long she loved stacking them and pushing them over. I can’t wait to work with her on matching them. The blocks are extremely sturdy and super durable (they were thrown across the room a time or two). Oh the whistle {Magical Sound Flute), it took a minute for her to figure it out but when she did, there was music in the air. She was so shocked she was making noise with her mouth. Let’s not forget the {Duo Puzzle Habitat}. She loved taking the pieces and placing the correct animal into its correct home (of course she had to make their noises).


Things that made this box aMaZiNg:

• The toys came with a booklet that described each product and what the intention of the toy was. I’m not going to deny we’ve bought a few toys that made absolutely no sense and lacked a little explanation.
• They were geared towards her age and specifically for a two-year-old toddler. I loved there wasn’t a huge age range. These toys are designed for developmental milestones from 0 months to 5 years.
• It a great gift for friends and family to give. Honestly, who really needs another toy that they’ll play with for a couple minutes and sadly it will end up at the bottom of the toy box in no time {Hint, hint Grandma and Grandpa}.
• These toys are colorful and engaging! What child doesn’t love bright colors?!
• You have the option to pay $25/month for quarterly delivery or an annual subscription of $240. When you think about what you already spend on toys + books adding in birthdays and holidays, this is an absolute steal.

What child doesn’t love receiving mail?! I have learned that it doesn’t matter what age they are and they’re excited! Receiving a quality product like this every 3 months (4 times a year) is well worth it. I’m not sure who will be looking forward to it more, my toddler or myself!!

Ready to win your own September, Back to School Shipment from Little Pnuts? Enter the rafflecopter giveaway below for your chance to win!!!

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