Lunchbox Drama


Alright, you know that “mom” who has the “perfect” kids and the “perfect” life? The mom who does everything she has ever pinned on Pinterest {and she has like 1,000 pins}?! Or the mom that makes that perfect teacher present, perfect birthday cake, or her kids do not know what sugar is?

You know who I’m talking about…

It’s me! Okay I’m the complete opposite. I actually looked at my pins the other day and laughed {then proudly deleted those pins}. Like I was really going to make cutesy lunches for my kids… who was I joking when I pinned that?

Lauren H Lunchbox drama 1

However, if you want to make cool lunches – This blog had some cute {and time consuming ideas!}

With the kids heading back to school, you are going to run into moms who are absolutely amazing at these things.

But this is the catch – you are no less of a mom.
Or if you are the crafty mom in the room – you are no better of a mom.

Whether your kid is eating a 3-course organic meal or a PB&J,
Whether you homeschool, public school, private school, unschool, or just remember school is starting,
Whether you are conservative, liberal, don’t care…

Whatever you are. You are made wonderfully! You have those incredible Mom things about you that fully qualify you to be an amazing mom to your children. Period. Your child isn’t missing out if their lunch doesn’t look “Pin-worthy.” Maybe you throw in a note to your child that says, “Hey, you are so talented! I’m proud of you!”

NO matter what don’t beat yourself up. You are an amazing mom! Let’s all agree to stop comparing ourselves to each other. Focus on the things that you do well as a mom and compliment where other moms do things well. We are to collaborate and help each other; not criticize!

So as you gear up to have your little ones head back to school. Remember this:

1. Your children were created for you!
2. Focus on the things you do really well.
3. Pinterest was not created as a test to compare how great of a Mom you are.

From myself and all the moms here at DMB, have a wonderful 2014-2015 school year!


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