Making Resolutions Meaningful


whyAt the beginning of the month, many of us made resolutions to help us be thinner, happier, more organized, or whatever perceived shortcoming we felt that we needed to “fix”. Well, to that I say BAH.

It’s time to reclaim our resolutions that we made for 2016 and make them meaningful, attainable, and even fun.

Give them Meaning

Let’s be honest for a second. When you make resolutions that aren’t meaningful to you, you only stick to them for a few days. Right? Sure, you think you want to exercise everyday, but if you’re not a workout fanatic, exercising just to exercise isn’t going to be enough for you. You’ll have to dig in and find some deeper motivation for the resolution—not just the guilt or “should” factor. Think about your why. Why do you want to exercise regularly? How does it make you feel? What are the benefits for you on a daily basis? Maybe it’s the joy that comes from multitasking exercise and getting time with your friends!

Set Up a System

It’s more than just setting a goal, you have to make it attainable by getting a system into place. For example, let’s say your goal is to get 7 hours of sleep most nights. Think about your barriers to making that a reality. What are you doing that’s taking time away from sleep? Is it your phone or iPad in your bed with you? Mindless TV shows? Laundry or housekeeping chores? Instead of just winging it every night, make a routine and set a time to start it. “At 9pm every night, I’ll tidy up the kitchen. I’m going to leave my phone on a charger in there. Then I’ll go to my room with a book, get ready for bed, and read until 10pm. Then it’s lights out!” 

The other part of this system is getting someone on your team: a cheerleader or accountability partner. It’s probably not your husband or domestic partner. Though they can be important for support—generally you’ll take feedback and check-ins a little more seriously if they come from outside your house. 

Hopefully these two tips will help you make and keep some resolutions that matter! May I recommend something that involves self-care? Could be more coffee dates with friends, more dates with your spouse, more dates with yourself. Something that fills up your cup and helps you feel ready to tackle the days and weeks ahead. That should make it easier for you to keep, and stay on track as the month and year progress.

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Have you stuck with, or revised your 2016 goals?


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