The Married Date Night

Dates should not be the difference between single people and married couples. There is something fun and whimsical about dating. It says, “Hey you over there! Let’s spend some exclusive time together. Let’s get absorbed in each other for some inordinate amount of time in a non-disclosed location.” If you know me, you have probably seen my husband and I on a few dozen date nights. We love our date nights!

But honestly, it is easy for date nights to get stale and routine when you are married. These tips will not only give you ideas on how to keep your date nights unpredictable, but they will also give you some major tips on how to make date nights more likely to occur and likely to occur MORE OFTEN. (If your struggle is fitting in a date night, see my previous post for some additional tips on how and why it should be a priority!).

Don’t Get Bogged Down by “Same Day, Same Time”

When it comes to scheduling, it can be easy to stick with a certain day of the week because it is easier to find childcare. Resist this urge! Shake it up by doing a weekday date night. Ask your favorite sitter to give you all possible days and times when he or she may be available. Expand your sitter circle to include someone who can come to your house and just sit with the kids while they stick to their normal bedtime and school night routines.

day time date

Swap Date Night Sitter Services

Get a commitment from other couples in your circle who would like to prioritize date nights and provide each other free babysitting services. Make a list of couples and their availability, and rotate the weekends.

Plan Shorter Dates

Look within a 5-mile radius of your home for some cool spaces. What is close by? Cut down on travel time and prep time by choosing something close and casual. You can go for ice cream at a local parlor, coffee at a neighborhood coffee shop, or a picnic at the community park.

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Make a Date Night Idea Jar

Sometimes I find myself planning everything. I am pretty sure my husband prefers it that way, but I know he has ideas that he doesn’t mention. Why doesn’t he mention them? Because he doesn’t want to plan them. The Date Night Idea Jar takes the planning pressure off of whoever may be less likely to enjoy that task. Require that at least one idea is added to the jar from each person, at some regular interval, like once a week. A week before date night, pull an idea from the jar and make it happen!

Plan an At-Home Date Night

Plan for the kids to leave while you stay inside. With food delivery services like Door Dash and Grub Hub, it is possible to have food delivered from your favorite restaurant. Cuddle up and enjoy the silence or play a few games.

Plan Your Date Around a Book

Choose a book to read and do not discuss the book with your partner. Plan your date night as an opportunity to discuss the book for the first time. Choose a location that is relevant to the book or use this as a great way to spend an “At-Home Date Night.”

Deconstruct the Date Night

Remember when you first met? You could go anywhere, any time of day, and it was so good! Your time together felt so lovely and valuable. The time stood still while you sat in an old bookstore or in a quiet library at noon. Reclaim that same energy!

You can date your partner ANYWHERE and at ANYTIME. The main goal is to have quality time together without distractions and interruptions. Play lunch time hooky and meet for lunch, take a work vacation day together, watch a matinee movie, or do brunch.

Do you have any date night ideas that have really clicked for you and your mate?
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