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Enchanted Photography :: Marla Michele Must

“There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.” ~Elizabeth Lawrence

“This quote reflects the style and mood of my work,” said Marla, who recently built the Enchanted Photography studio in downtown Birmingham. “I’ve always looked at the world through ‘enchanted’ eyes,” she said. “I find beauty in unexpected places.”

From the moment I started to communicate and work with Marla I knew she was a passionate hard working momma.  Once I started to look into her world I was drawn in by the beauty she captures that we all know as real life.  She is truly an artist at heart and loves sharing the moments she captures with her lens, they are full of beauty and enchantment.  In 2009, when Marla embarked on adopting a little girl from the south of China, she started a blog about her family’s journey.  “The beautiful gift of adoption into our family brought with it another unexpected gift: a reconnection to my love of photography,” said Marla. She picked up her camera after an absence of many years to bring to China to take the lovely photographs that illustrate her informative adoption blog,

Shortly after returning to the United States in 2010, Marla continued to use her camera to photograph the bonding process between her older children and their new, then-3-year-old sister, Sasha Jade. Ava Rose was 8 at the time, and Jake was 10.

“Those priceless moments between my children were so moving and beautiful to capture,” said Marla. Enchanted Photography evolved from that experience. Marla sees the world through the eyes of a loving mother.  She is able to look through her lens and capture life’s moments in a way that tells a story about how enchanting life really is.  She juggles it all, her passion, her family, her life, with beauty and grace.  
As she worked on her blog, she became inspired with the belief that she could indeed make a living following her passion, and shortly thereafter hung up her shingle and found things falling into place.  “Photographing the relationships between siblings is one of my specialties,” said Marla of her work. 
The success found through her camera has given Marla the opportunity to connect to and bring awareness of causes close to her heart, such as adoptive parenting, anti-bullying and empowering children. She offers complementary Empowered Portrait Sessions to those who were victims of bullying or trauma. “My images illuminate both their inner and outer beauty, allowing them to rediscover themselves in a brand new light that is profoundly healing,” said Marla.
You are going to LOVE what you see here, her photographs are enchanting and they will leave you wanting more.  So without further ado, let’s get to know a little bit more about this hard working momma who captures moments for families that are enjoyed for a lifetime. 
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What inspired your passion?

At a young age I received a camera as a gift and had the realization that I had been walking around composing photographs in my mind all my life, framing the details of the world around me in my own way. My new camera was now my tool to capture all that I found to be meaningful, unique, precious, beautiful, enchanting, unusual and momentous in the world- and to capture it on film forever. 

In 2011 I hung up a shingle and things began to fall into place- all it took was for me to acknowledge and believe in myself enough to follow my passion. Following my authentic path continues to lead me down the right road. My purpose is driven by my passion!

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What has been your greatest success so far in your business, or what are you most proud of?

The most exciting part of photography for me is the ability to apply my passion towards a greater life purpose. I’m thrilled to be able to support and endorse local businesses and small businesses in Metro Detroit through a combination of photography, social media, writing, and collaborating. The local businesses and projects I choose to endorse need to be businesses modeled on authenticity, integrity, driven by a passion, and those that encourage giving back to the community.

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What do you believe makes what you do unique?

I do all of my own work, from the photo shoot and on through to the editing and retouching, and designing stages… from inception to completion.  This gives my studio a unique approach and provides clients with a personalized Enchanted experience. Many of my clients have become like family, and return year after year for additional sessions.
An Enchanted portrait session is focused on celebrating emotions and highlighting relationships, illuminating ordinary yet intricate details in a unique light. The most enchanting colors are emphasized. Sacred moments are beautifully captured. The resulting images are uplifting and empowering.

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For more information please visit Enchanted Photography by Marla Michele Must at

Studio location :: 423 West Frank Street, Birmingham, MI 48009

Email her at [email protected]

Call her at 248-910-0555


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She is sure to leave you happy with enchanted memories for a lifetime!



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