My Favorite Local Business Is the One My Friend Owns


I recently told one of my entrepreneur friends, “If you started a business, WE started a business.” Obviously I don’t have the financial obligations and risk that she does, but, I’m putting energy into building this with her because that is how we support friends.

It’s important to put my money where my mouth is, and not let well-wishes be the end of my support. I’m helping paint the walls. I’m helping to prep for the grand opening. And I’m sure as heck sending business their way!

Forever my favorite local businesses are the ones that build my friends’ brands and bank accounts. 

local business, friends, small business, DetroitI am very fortunate to have several friends (local and not) who are massage therapists. I mean really, SO fortunate. Anytime someone needs a massage or spa service, I’m sending them to my dear friend Dayna (owner) quick-fast-and-in-a-hurry! And although I am so blessed to know multiple practicing MTs, I prioritize the one who has a brick and mortar location with rent to pay.

I’m handing out business cards, talking about the special promos, even volunteering to be photographed for the website (okay, maybe that part was for me).

This, dear readers, is friendship as an adult.

For a locally owned massage that will leave you feeling like you’re on cloud nine, I can recommend my friend with full confidence. Dayna is also a working mom, and I so appreciate her hustle.

Check it out: Azure Day Spa (Taylor) | When you go, try the cupping therapy — it’s something you can’t find in a lot of places!  

When my friend owns a restaurant, I’m telling everyone I know.

My old pal Zack opened a gastropub that has both a local, Cheers-y feel and delicious, innovative, from-scratch food. In this year of increased shopping and eating local, his is the first place I send my hungry and thirsty pals. Because I am a friend, I buy the t-shirts, share the social media posts, and leave good reviews.

Check it out: Brewligans (Trenton) | Whether dining in or carrying out, I highly recommend the Thai Dye wings with your favorite craft beer. I should also mention the monthly Emo Night that Zack DJs, which fills the Myspace-void in my heart.

I will find all of the ways to support a friend who has their own gig.

An old friend of mine, who is a verified stellar cook and another working mama, started her own local catering business. She has now catered a family funeral, my baby shower, and my daughter’s first birthday. I basically look for opportunities to have parties just so that I can eat her food by the tray instead of by the plate! As far as I’m concerned, she is the only caterer in Southeast Michigan and she provides the most accommodating service.

Check it out: Cabrera’s Catering | While there are multiple menus to choose from, I can’t get enough of the authentic steak tacos. 

It’s easy and fun for me to gas up my friends in their entrepreneurial efforts. So why wouldn’t I? I know that they would do the same for me!

Are you looking for more ways to support small business? Check out It’s Time to Rally: Five Ways to Support Local Businesses Right Now for more tips on how you can lift up your business-owner friends.


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