Shaking Up Childhood Memories with Hudsonville Ice Cream

Growing up, I was one of six kids. I love my siblings and we sure had a lot of fun, but as you can imagine I didn’t get a lot of alone time or one-on-one with my parents. Except for my monthly trips to Greene’s Hamburgers with my Dad. Those outings were dual purpose…I got ice cream too!

If you picture Greene’s, it has that cozy, old-school diner feel with a shiny metal counter where you can order a mini burger (or 3), french fries and delicious chocolate shakes. My Dad and I used to visit with my Uncle Frank, who pretty much lived at Greene’s. I’d slurp my chocolate shake while the brothers rattled on, watching other customers come and go.

I’m grown up now, with kids of my own, and things have changed. But my love for chocolate shakes sure hasn’t. In fact, I had the overwhelming desire to recreate one recently. I wanted to share a little piece of my childhood with my girls. And of course the first memory that came to mind was sitting at Greene’s with my Dad, drinking those chocolate shakes.

So I pulled my Hudsonville Dairy Free Peanut Butter Truffle Ice Cream out of the freezer, oat milk from the fridge and blended away! I decided to top our shakes with a dollop of peanut butter and some dark chocolate shavings (or try sprinkles!) for good measure.


We’re vegan in our house, but if you’re not, try one of Hudsonville’s many other delicious flavor choices for this shake, like Triple Peanut Butter Cup or Extra Indulgent Crunchy Peanut Butter!

Hudsonville has seven dairy free flavors (Birthday Cake, Caramel Cookie Dough, Cherry Fudge, Chocolate, Mint Fudge Cookie, Peanut Butter Truffle Ice Cream and S’Mores) that make my heart happy. Finding dairy free ice cream can be a challenge at times but thankfully Hudsonville Ice Cream has our family covered with delicious flavors. We never feel like we’re missing out!

As a mom of three girls, I couldn’t wait to share my childhood memories with them in hopes of creating our own. I wanted to share that special feeling I always got when I was eating ice cream with my Dad, to let my own children know just how special they are too. Ice cream makes everything just a little sweeter. It’s that extra special “I love you.” As my girls get older, I’m going to continue my Dad’s tradition of dedicated monthly time with my girls, and I plan to make these shakes for each of them. I can’t wait to see that smile on their faces the next time I take out our Peanut Butter Truffle Ice Cream and whip up a shake. I realize now more than ever just how important it is to savor the sweeter moments in life. Thanks to Hudsonville, I’m able to create those moments into the comfort of my own home.

If you want to try one of the delicious dairy free options Hudsonville Ice Cream has simply click the button below. You cannot go wrong with any of these flavors. I haven’t tried one I didn’t love!

Thinking about whipping up your own shakes? Click here to find your favorite Hudsonville Ice Cream flavors quickly!



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