We Need Our Sister Friends


Someone once said people come into your life for a season, a reason, or a lifetime. I’m thankful for my sister friends. These are the women who are here to stay and do life with you. You may not talk daily or see each other weekly, but you know she’s there for you in the midnight hour when life is crazy, or you just need to talk. These are the women who are really more like sisters.

Whether you call her your girl, your best bud, bestie, or BFF, you need her just like she needs you. We hear so much about self-care, which is definitely important, but this woman not only practices it but gives the gift of care, as well. How? She looks out for you like a sister, and she helps you to be the best version of yourself.  


Every woman needs a sister friend, especially if you don’t have sisters. I have one brother, so I’ve always imagined what it would be like if I had a sister. We would chat in the evenings on a regular basis, share wife and mom stories, and be there for each other whenever needed. Our families would travel together, and our kids would be more like siblings than cousins. I don’t have a biological sister, but I sure did get some amazing sister friends that hold me up, have my back, and have gone the distance.

Your sister friends understand you and can see when you need some help. They are the ones who pull you aside and say, “Try this!,” or ask “Why did you do that?”. These women have the liberty to say what needs to be said, and you don’t get offended. Or, if you do get offended, you at least know that it’s coming from a place of love, and they are speaking the truth as they see it. With the help of these women, you become a better woman, wife, mom, and friend.

Every now and then, we should take an inventory of our relationships. Sometimes our expectations of people exceed their purpose in our life. Don’t be so quick to call her your sister. Every woman you encounter is not your sister friend.

Is she my sister friend?

Here’s a few points to consider when answering this question: 

1. She saves you time and money. Likely one of the biggest benefits of a sister friend is the money they save you. You might pay a therapist $150/hour, but this sister saves you a visit by offering the gift of time and listening. She’ll likely give you twice the time or even more with no charge. You might have challenges in your marriage, with your children, or you just need to talk. She’s wise, to the point, and loves you enough to be honest and transparent. If she’s not counseling, she’s willing to listen when you talk and give you a shoulder to cry on.

2. She loves your kids like her own. One of the few places you can leave your kid(s) and know she’s gonna love them like you love them. Your kids might even call her “aunt(ie)” because they’re just that close to her, as well. She showers them with hugs and kisses but knows when to say no. When you come for pick-up, they might even want to stay because it’s like they’re second home.

3. She thinks of you. She might make a trip to the store and pick up something you need or want, or maybe it’s making a meal for you because she can clearly see you need a break. Out of the blue, she may offer to keep your kids so you and your spouse can go out. No matter what little or big thing she does, it’s because it’s not just about her; she thinks of you and your needs.

4.  She’s there! You can call at the last minute to do something and not feel like you’re imposing on her. You got a couple of free hours and just want to hang. What does she do? Try to work it out, so you can hang together and enjoy time without your kiddos. 

5.  She speaks truth. She’s not just interested in your yes. She wants to hear what you really think, and she’s ready to give you the same truth back. Her honest feedback in love helps you both grow and live your best life.

6. She gets it! You might have a disagreement, get irritated with each other, or not always like the same things, but she’s there for you and vice-versa when needed.

Well, how did she do? Is she a sister friend? If so, take a moment and let her know just how special she is. She is rare and worth the work you put into your relationship!

Cheers to our sister friends! We love them, we need them, and they’re apart of what makes life great.



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