Teacher’s Dream Appreciation Gift Guide


Teacher Appreciation Week is fast approaching! It begins Monday, May 7th, and runs for the whole week. This means you have FIVE whole days to show your teachers some love!

While working with students everyday is fulfilling in its own right, teachers truly do look forward to a whole week of appreciation. Many teachers will spend more time with your children than you will, and they will definitely spend more time educating, caring for, and nurturing your children than they will their own during the week. If you are looking for a way to show your child’s teacher how much you appreciate their dedication to your children we have a guide just for you!


  1. Thank you card/Letter of Appreciation

Teachers LOVE a thank you card or letter. The more specific your child can be when giving one, the better! What does your teacher do that you love? Do they give you a high five every morning, or write you a note of how awesome you are every week? Did they give you the confidence to do something new, or have they taught you something you loved learning? Give them a specific way they have helped you that you appreciate, and we guarantee it will be one of the best gifts you can give them!

  1. Classroom Help

Teachers spend so much of their own personal time in the classroom and an amazing gift to give would be your own time! There are always things that teachers can use help with in the classroom like spelling tests, filing papers, or cleaning up around the classroom. Any of your time that you can give means a little time that teacher can have back!

  1. Coffee

The truth is that many of your hard working teachers run on coffee! If you know your teacher is a coffee lover I suggest going the gift card route… Starbucks, Biggby, Tim Horton’s, Dunkin’ Donuts. Find out what your teacher prefers and keep them caffeinated for the day! An extra special treat that will really make your teacher’s day is to bring them in a coffee, it shows that you took the time to think of them in the morning and that is sure to get a smile!

  1. Gift Cards

You can’t go wrong with a gift card. Gift cards to places like Target and Amazon allow teachers to buy classroom supplies and decor but they can also get a few things for themselves too!

  1. School Supplies

This can be hit or miss so make sure you check with your teacher if you want to go this route! While always appreciated your teacher may have specific supplies in mind that they would love for the classroom. Maybe there is an abundance of pencils, but the dry erase markers and sharpies always seem to disappear! Find    out what they need and it will definitely be a hit gift!

  1. Plants

If you know your teacher has a green thumb, a plant is always a nice idea. Succulents are very in right now and easy to take care of! They can even be found in stores like Meijer and Target. If you go the plant route make a sign with them that says, “Thank you for helping me grow!” It will give them an extra special touch.

  1. Water Bottle

Teachers are not able to just get a drink whenever they want or need to! They are constantly in demand and don’t get very many opportunities to leave the classroom. Having a water bottle is a true necessity! There are so many options and you can easily see what your teacher prefers. Is a tumbler their preference over a bottle? Check it out while you are in the classroom and get them one you know they will get a lot of use out of!

  1. Personalized Gifts

Does your classroom have a theme? Does your teacher LOVE their college? Do your children know their teachers favorite book, color, animal etc.? All of these are perfect ways to show your teacher you appreciate them. T-shirts, scarves, small items for the classroom are all awesome gifts that teachers love, so go ahead and buy that elephant shaped pencil sharpener!

  1. Michigan Gifts

Michiganders are very proud of their state, and teachers are no different! Michigan themed items are a great idea and could also be used as classroom decor. Michigan Awesome offers a variety of cute gifts in different price ranges that could be gifted to your favorite teacher.

  1. Classroom Extras

Aside from the typical school supplies teachers spend a TON of their own hard earned money making their classroom a welcoming place for their students. If you are looking for a way to give back to the classroom during teacher appreciation time, classes can always use books, educational games, or toys for recess depending on the age level!

Teacher's Dream Appreciation Gift Guide, coffee mugs, coffee shot, latte art


  • Food

Unless you are really sure of what your teacher likes it’s best to skip food in case they are eating healthy, have allergies, or other special requirements for their diet.

  • Coffee mugs

Teachers tend to have an overload! If you really want to go the coffee route get a gift card instead.

  • Scented perfumes/lotions/candles

Unless you are very sure, these things are all personal preference and while the thought is always appreciated they may go unused due to strong scents!

  • Restaurant gift cards

If you know your teacher loves a specific restaurant and you are 100% positive then go for it! Otherwise this one is better left off. Many teachers commute to work and may not have the availability to use a gift card depending on their own schedules or where they live

  • Alcohol

While the sentiment is probably appreciated teachers are not allowed to have alcohol on campus. It is probably better to give this one a miss!

Do you plan to show your child’s teacher appreciation during this special week? If so, comment below what you’re planning to do for them!


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