The Boring Mom


As a group we decided to pick out just one of those silly moments we have had as a mom, but I racked my brain and couldn’t think of anything outrageous enough to share. Yes, my kids say the darndest things and I have those moments where I think to myself “is this really happening?” But to me it feels normal. A “normal” life of having two kids who are 22 months apart.

Instead of feeling like the “Boring Mom,” I figured I wasn’t alone. Our lives are fun and full of those kind of moments. I mean the other day I had both kids helping me bake and my son turns on our Kitchenaid mixer at full speed and the flour goes everywhere. And I truly mean everywhere {it was almost impressive!}. But, that is our norm. Messes, crying, laughter, and well the unexpected.

As a mom, I have found myself comparing myself, experiences and kids to other families. It’s not healthy. I was given these kids. I have my own personality and for all of that I’m grateful. I share my boring mom moment to share this. Here at Detroit Mom’s Blog, it’s not a competition. We are here to collaborate, share, and just be real. My hope is that you never read an article and experience mom guilt. Let’s be real, we are all in our own phases of life and we all have different skills we can utilize.

For example, you won’t see me sitting with my kids creating amazing arts and craft projects. At least we haven’t yet! We like our simple coloring, painting, cutting and gluing paper together. That is just us! I use to think I was the world’s worst mom because my kids weren’t completing numerous projects each week. And the reality is, it’s a complete lie.

We love to bake together, play, build, and snuggle. We go to the library often and when it’s finally warm out we are definitely outside!

Let’s all ditch the mom guilt and embrace ourselves as the Mom we were created to be!

boring mom


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