To My Work Wife, I Love You


I have a secret relationship that isn’t so secret to my husband. He knows that when I’m smirking and wildly texting back, there isn’t some handsome fella on the receiving end. It isn’t a romantic fling or a side piece that I rely on when he isn’t around. I am not ashamed to say that I am in a committed relationship with my work wife.

She Gets Me

There is nothing better than having someone to share work wonders with. My work wife knows EXACTLY what I’m going through when it comes to both the office and home. We are equally-yoked partners in the working mom rat race. When I show up blotchy-eyed and flustered, she gives me the morning run-down and quickly helps me reset the day.

Also, let me just drop this truth bomb on you real quick. Real love is someone who truly knows how you take your coffee Monday through Friday: hot, double cream, and without kids around. She plops it on your desk (like the soul mate that she is) without saying a word, and walks away like a boss.

She is Me

Having a best mom friend or multiple mom friends at work has been such a saving grace resource. Our group text thread should be on the New York Times Best Sellers list. Our chats range from the latest deadlines and projects due to the most necessary parenting hacks. They include lunch orders, marriage highs and lows, prayer requests, mental health check-ins, and the occasional SOS to get to my office and save me from this meeting!

She is Understanding

The amazing thing about a work wife is this: she understands that time is everything. She knows that once you punch the clock at work, you have to immediately clock back in to your most important gig—motherhood. She knows that you both came into this relationship knowing that you have more important people in your lives than each other, but still thoroughly enjoy each other’s company and respect each other’s time.

While you may not get to hang out much outside of office hours, you both value the special friendship that you have. You often joke about a dinner date after work. In fact, you put it in each other’s calendar for seven years from now when you don’t have to rush to pick up the kids from daycare. While this is a far off dream, you both make it a point to stop for your 30 minute lunch break to sit down and just be. She is the one person that I get to eat a meal with, without preparing, waitressing, or cleaning up after anyone but myself. We both live for this meal.

Time is everything, but we also know that it is precious.

She is My Best Friend

Although I have many long-lasting friendships outside of work, my work wife is my best friend. She is my ride or die, the MVP, my best team mate.

She is my confidant, colleague, and comrade.

Blessed is the working mother who also has a work wife. She is in good company and is treasured and loved.

*This is dedicated to my best friends and “work wives.”*

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