Toddler Face Mask Roundup: Reviews + Detroit Mom Favorites


Never in our wildest dreams did we think our cute, adorable toddlers would ever be wearing face masks. Perhaps you’re still on the search for a mask your child will actually wear. Or has your little one recently turned two and you’d like to get them used to the idea of wearing one? The internet is filled with great masks for adults and our school-aged kiddos, but it can be a struggle finding a mask to fit these tiny faces.

We turned to the experts—Detroit Moms! We asked toddler moms which face masks they’ve tried and tested that kept their little safe, comfortable, and maybe even excited to put on!

Disclaimer: According to CDC guidelines, and the American Pediatric Association, children under two years of age should NOT be wearing a face mask. Additionally, any children who have trouble breathing, or are unable to remove the mask without assistance should refrain from using a face mask.

#1 Recommended Toddler Face Mask

Old Navy $12.50 for pack of 5

Photo via Old Navy

This toddler face mask received raving reviews from our moms! It comes in a large variety of patterns, pleated, with adjustable ear loops and nose bridge. Bonus: comes with a laundry bag for easy washing!

Note: The contoured Critter masks do not offer adjustable nose or ears but if your kiddo prefers these patterns check out our mom-hack below!

DM Tip: If it’s still too big, moms say to wash these on warm, dry on high, and it will shrink!

Affordable On-the-Go Finds

Photo via Target

Listen, most moms don’t have time to search for the number one toddler mask out there. Good news is you can find small masks while running your everyday errands. Detroit Moms have found reliable, breathable and comfy (as voted on by your nearest 3 year old) masks at these retailers:

Moms did warn that sometimes stock runs low or may be unavailable at certain locations. Grab yourself a toddler face mask when you spot it!

Local Metro Detroit Favorites

Once Upon a Child (Novi, Troy, Ann Arbor), $4.99

Photo via Once Upon a Child – Novi

The popular resale shop helps you find like-new clothes at a discount or sell your kiddos clothes once they’ve outgrown them. Although known for carrying used clothing, they have a huge array of brand new masks, individually packaged for your little one with some of their most favorite characters!

Toyology (multiple locations), $10.99 

Photo via Toyology Toys

Your child’s favorite toy store is offering Top Trenz toddler face masks for small, angelic, and mischievous faces! You can’t go wrong with this Metro Detroit staple that always has kids top of mind. Order online for delivery or curb-side pickup.

Born Yoga (Birmingham), $10

Photo via Born Yoga

Support this local kids yoga studio by purchasing a top-rated Top Trenz mask! Offering a variety of colors, this studio is all about keeping kids healthy inside and out! A great way to keep your money local by supporting a small business that teaches kids to be kind, mindful, and helpful.

CreARTive Adventures Designs, starting at $9.99

Photo via CreARTive Adventures Design

This local shop has almost 200 five-star reviews on Etsy! Toddler masks fit snug, are hand-crafted with cotton inner layer and flannel outer layer. Each mask comes with with adjustable earloops, nose bridge, and pocket for optional filter which can also be purchase via the shop. All fabrics and patterns listed can be made to toddler or kid size so feel free to contact the shop owner if one jumps out at you! Use code LOCAL for a safe pick-up option and CreARTive Adventures has also offered Detroit Moms a 10% discount by using code FAVE10!

Best Internet Toddler Face Masks

High Quality Mask on Etsy, starting at $10.85

Photo via High Quality Mask

If you’re looking for a teeny, tiny mask for your teeny, tiny toddler, look no further! These masks are expertly sewn according to CDC guidelines and come in dozens of patterns and colors. The masks ship fast and the sizing makes it easy to determine which toddler face mask will fit safe and snug.

Bailey Blue Boutique, $10-$15

Photo via Bailey Blue Boutique

This made-in-the-USA brand keeps is helping keep kids healthy and stylish! They sell a variety of masks in an assortment of patterns (including mommy & me sets!) They are great for small children and extra, extra soft!

Carter’s Kiddo Face Masks, $3 – $12

Photo via Carter’s

A trusted name in baby and toddler wear, these masks were designed specifically with tiny faces in mind! Comes in adjustable, pleated, and contoured options. Choose from a selection of colors and patterns to match your babe’s personality!

Top Trenz, $12 

Photo via Top Trenz

This stretchy toddler face mask is made from a poly-blend fabric and gives a nice soft feel with a cotton inner layer. The adjustable earloops help keep it in place and bright bold colors keep it fun for kids!

ty Face Masks, $2.99

Photo via ty

Beanie Babies are no longer the collector’s item of our youth! ty has released the cutest face masks for kids. Each comes with a birthday and backstory just like the tiny toys do! Featuring a bendable nose bridge, adjustable loops and an outer polyester layer, this mask is all about showing off your fun side! High quality design and extremely adjustable. Plus, the characters get kids excited to wear their mask!

Crayola Kids Reusable Cloth Face Mask, $29.99 for pack of 5

Photo via School Mask Pack

These masks come in your favorite, bright Crayola colors! Reviewers state that these masks run far too small for their school-aged children which makes them the perfect size for toddlers! They have adjustable ear loops and a nose clip. You can also find them at

Amazon Kids 3-Layer Face Mask, $13.99 for pack of 2

Photo via Amazon

Easy ordering, tons of prints, and even sequins! These masks are super adjustable to fit all toddler shapes and sizes!

…But what if it still won’t fit?

Found the perfect face covering but it didn’t come with loop adjusters? From one Detroit Mom to another, here’s an ultimate 5-second hack that saved my tiny toddler’s little face.

Does your toddler have a favorite face mask? Let us know why they love it!

Looking for a face mask for yourself? Check out our Detroit-Made Face Mask Round-Up!


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